In the last article (click here to read), we saw the importance of communication in the relationship and how this can increase the couple’s libido. We have seen that for couples who are having difficulty finding the way to mutually satisfying sex, the most powerful technique is to be able to speak openly and honestly about sex.

Unfortunately, most people find it easier to have sex than talk about it. There is something about expressing preferences in bed – saying what we like and what we do not like – that’s very challenging. In this article, we’ll look at practical ways to improve this communication.

Libido – How to increase the couple’s chemistry? #1 – How can I tell you what I think?

A short-term solution for couples who are having difficulty putting their thoughts into words is to use an indirect approach to share sexual tastes and dislikes. We will give you four suggestions:

Libido – How to increase the couple’s chemistry? #2 – Four Suggestions

• Respond audibly (not necessarily with words) to things your lover does that are enjoyable and fun; this encourages it to continue.

• Extinguish the things your lover does that are not working for you, not responding. (Of course, if something is painful, uncomfortable or demeaning, you need to manifest it.)

• When asking your lover what she likes, choose one or another of the ways the ophthalmologist uses when focusing on the correct prescription for a new pair of glasses: What do you like best, this way (demonstrate), or this way (demonstrate)? It is much easier to express a preference between two options than to ask for something directly.

• If you are having trouble pleasing your partner, ask him or her to take you by the hand and show him or her not verbally.

Libido – How to increase the couple’s chemistry? #3 – Starting points

These are starting points. They can help get the flow of honest feedback among lovers and can serve as bridges to the ultimate goal – be able to say directly. The key is to listen to feedback, honestly communicate and keep an eye on the award: genuine and mutual satisfaction for both partners by the end of each love session.

Does sex make love better? Does love make sex better? Yes! What does technique have to do with this? Much. Being in love is where it all begins, and the interaction of all three sides of love – intimacy, commitment, and sexual passion – is what fuels a deep and enduring love relationship.

But if a couple does not have a good approach to making love with mutual satisfaction (that is, both having orgasms), their love will not reach their full potential. And if they are stuck with a technique that constantly frustrates a partner, their love (no matter how deep it is) will suffer. Orgasms are important.

Libido – How to increase the couple’s chemistry? #4 – Pleasing both is easy?

Making love in a way that deeply pleases both partners is not easy or obvious; this does not come naturally to the vast majority of people. Learning sexual techniques with a capital “T” helps people get to the point in their relationships. There is much more long-term happiness than good sex, but the basic sexual technique is deeply intertwined with lasting love.

Particularly young couples need to learn fundamental sexual techniques. In fact, it is absolutely unfair to expect each new couple to unravel the challenges that have baffled lovers for thousands of years. The confused asymmetries of male and female sexual anatomy, the seductive myth that penetration produces female orgasm, the challenges of rhythm and time – that’s a lot to discover.

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Libido – How to increase the couple’s chemistry? #5 – How to increase libido



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