Women under the age of 35 years complain that they do not get enough foreplay. Although the preferred term between sexologists and therapists is now “love play.” But here is a surprise: Men over 35-year-old have the same complaint.

As we get older, the physiological responses of women accelerate and responses of men slow down. This is why the woman becomes more easily aroused and the man does not get an automatic erection simply because of visual excitement.

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Foreplay – 6 Exceptional Tips For Foreplay #1 – The Standard Council

Spend more time thrilling her. Pay special attention to kissing and caressing. And of course, the woman should do the same thing for the man as well. Preliminaries turn desire into excitement and then into more intense excitement. However, do not limit your definition of sex. Sex is not just desired excitement, foreplay, intercourse, and liberation.

Foreplay – 6 Exceptional Tips For Foreplay #2 – Tease

Like flirting, provocation is an essential art within the relationship. When men and women are unknown to each other, they provoke each other naturally. The teasing makes them both feel dangerous and definitely with erotic control.

The fun must never stop. Teasing is an integral part of the erotic game, a love game for adults that has two components, visual and physical provocation. Try practice both.

Do not stop playing when you start having sex. Keep stroking and kissing. Sometimes you may want to stop having sex and play for a while, then go back to it.

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Foreplay – 6 Exceptional Tips For Foreplay #3 – Add Biting Lightly

An occasional bite, a squeeze, and a slap, always made lightly, intensifies the sexual desire for some men and women. Slaps are particularly effective on the buttocks because they made that blood go to approach the surface, making the part more sensitive to touch.

Your partner can enjoy nipples with light love bites. However, some people hate this. Pay close attention to your partner’s reactions.

Foreplay – 6 Exceptional Tips For Foreplay #4 – Oral Sex

Use your face. The tongue may become tired before it reaches orgasm. Use your nose and chin to stimulate the clitoris and take an occasional pause on your tongue. Okay, if the taste of female secretions is unpleasant for you, buy yourself some honey powder and sprinkle it a little on your lips and the surrounding area.

You can find this and other things at sex toy stores, some upscale boutiques, lingerie stores and online. It is a fun product, use whenever you need and want.

Add some different tongue movements. Try to avoid the obvious tongue that you see in pornographic movies. However, some women like to have the tip of their tongue floating in the right place at the right time.

If the woman really takes longer to warm up, start playing with her breasts. The mouth movements you do here will reflect the ones you will do down there. Women with particularly sensitive breasts love these movements – whether shy or not.

Foreplay – 6 Exceptional Tips For Foreplay #5 – Hot Spots


Every body has those places that work like a magic button for sex. You know where most of them are, but maybe you are not doing it right.

In her. Point C, your clitoris: This small pink organ, often compared to the penis because of its shape, is located at the point where the inner lips meet at the top of the vaginal opening. For most women, the clitoris and surrounding tissue, or “clitoral hood,” is the most sensitive sexual part of the body – the hottest of the hot spots.

On them. Point H: The head of the penis is your big hot spot. Who does not know that? Do not neglect the corona, the thick ridge of skin that separates the head from the shaft. It is extremely sensitive to touch. Massaging with a finger or tongue repeatedly around it may leave some men wild. That is why the “silk swirl” – twirling its tongue around the crown during fellatio – was a skill practiced by courtesans in past centuries.

Foreplay – 6 Exceptional Tips For Foreplay #6 – Real Stories

“We are both forty years old now, and he needs more preliminaries than I. That was an adjustment in our relationship. I am the person ready for sex and he needs to caress.”

“Sometimes I want him to take me directly to intercourse after the deepest kisses. Most of the time I want him to take longer on the way. However, I see that I was not giving enough foreplay back to him It was all about me. ”

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