How to remove the bra with one hand is something truly useful. Imagine that you are at the beginning of the caresses with your beloved and with one hand you are stroking her hair, leaving only your other hand free. Make sure your hands are warm.

Place your hand underneath in your blouse, if it becomes uncomfortable, take your hand. However, if you get a positive answer, you will come across a very important question, is it a bra that opens behind or a bra that opens up front? Either way, you need to be prepared.

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How to remove bra with one hand #1 – Types of bra

Bra with back closure. Move your hand over your back and locate the bra strap. Now gently move your hand 3-5cm toward the center, where you will feel a thicker fabric or perhaps a small gap where the bra straps meet. Do not think, just feel.

Bra with front closure. If it’s not the rear closing bra, we are probably dealing with a front fastening bra. These undocking will open the bra in front of the bra.

Another type of bra. If it is none of the above, consider the rare possibility that she is wearing an aerobic bra or that she is not wearing any.

How to remove the bra with one hand #2 – Tighten and release

This will take practice. Whether it’s a bra that opens behind or in front, most of these clothes come with the tiny hooks. The technique of tightening and releasing with just one hand is the same for bras that open in front and for those who open behind.

Gently squeeze the thicker fabric material around both sides of the hooks, and then squeeze them together (pulling out at the same time) so that the hooks come off.

How to remove the bra with one hand #3 – Step by Step

  1. Insulate the thickest part of the bra between your index finger on one side and your thumb along with the other fingers on the opposite side.
  2. Slide your thumb through the latches, loosening the hooks.
  3. Let hooks loosen and release gently.
  4. This is no time for you to drop the bra quickly. That would be unpleasant. Everything has to happen subtly and smoothly.

braHow to remove the bra with one hand #4 – What is touching smoothly

Touching a woman gently is to slide the pads of the fingertips over your body very gently as if you were touching something extremely fragile and of value. Also, it is when you slowly and gently touch the parts of the body that it reveals itself to you. Let us explain better.

Let us say, that the woman is on top of you and you two are kissing. You could easily slip your hand up to the back of your blouse and just caress your lower back. Meanwhile, remember to always touch her gently and wait until she is without the blouse. So pay attention to your upper body and make her feel happy that she has taken off her blouse. Why?

Because then when it comes time to take off the pants, she will remember how much pleasure she felt from just taking off her blouse, and it will be more likely she will remove her pants without any resistance.

How to remove the bra with one hand #5 – Secrets to take off a woman’s clothing

In this special bonus, you will learn something that most men will never discover on their own, which is how to strategically strip a woman to minimize the chances of endurance at the last moment in having sex.

The secret is in the preliminaries. Take time to create a sensual and attractive environment so that you give her a good massage and show that you care about her gives value to pleasure. Light the room with candles or low light bulbs and burn incense. Keep your lubricants, oils, and gloves (if necessary or desired) within easy reach, and cover the massage table with a clean blanket.

Feathers can be used for additional sensual temptation. Some people feel more comfortable with a pillow or a bath towel curled under their knees and / or head (when lying face up). Or your ankles (when lying on your stomach), and some women get more comfortable with a pillow under their hips.

If this is your first massage with your partner, you may want to ask him or her what is allowed and what are your preferences. All the tips here are to enhance the existing relationship. Always remember to never force anything, things must happen naturally. For more tips go to

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