Female pleasure is strongly connected to what man can do in bed to increase it, so in this article, we will see this. These are the basics of all the techniques you can learn.

Knowing the female anatomy and logically knowing what to do, is very common but every woman is different and you should be able to apply your knowledge to each woman regardless of your personal preference. Let’s now see better 5 principles and how to apply them.

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Feminine Pleasure – Principle #1 – Your attention should be on her and not on you

If your goal is to become really sexually powerful, it will be helpful if you make your goal to become the favorite lover of every woman. Many men are full of specific and measurable goals. For example, the purpose of causing a certain number of orgasms, “continue all night”, or make her shout your name.

They are good goals in theory, but these types of goals put your focus on yourself and it is not where it should be. The focus should be on the woman. Great sex is when both parties have fun.

And since it is technically “harder” to please a woman than to please a man (most men can reach orgasm in 2 minutes, most women need more than 20), that means a great sex is like pleasing her first.

Which, in turn, means that you should focus on her first, before turning your attention to your own pleasure.

When you stop putting your own needs and your own pride first and focus on what works for her, you will be in the male sexual elite.

Female Pleasure – Principle #2 – All women are different

A woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, and vice versa. Man can not hope that what made the last woman squirm with pleasure will make all women have the same reaction. That would be the sexual equivalent of burying his head in the sand.

With each woman, the rule book is written again. You do not know what will please her until you find out what excites her. So always pay attention to the reactions she has during sex.

Female Pleasure – Principle #3 – Ask for a return

Being able to ask for feedback is absolutely imperative to please a woman. You can ask verbally. Ask if she likes what you are doing. You can ask her to tell her what she wants you to do. Or you can ask for instructions so that she has more pleasure.

Of course, you do not necessarily have to ask verbally (although this is the best option). You can also use your powers of observation by observing it and discovering for yourself what makes you excited.

A third option is to use non-verbal communication to find out what she likes or dislikes. Several men are afraid to ask for feedback because they feel they will somehow highlight their “amateur” status, or show them as being “inexperienced”. However, this is not what happens.

It requires a lot of confidence and a reasonable amount of experience to have the courage to ask a woman, a feedback of any kind. Women know that. They appreciate it.

Female Pleasure – Principle #4 – The anticipation is Your Sexual Keyword

female pleasure

To ensure she is having fun, remember that for a woman, about 75% of her pleasure comes from her biggest sex organ, her brain.

A great sex, for a woman, is about the accumulation and release of anticipation. The more anticipation and yearning for something, the more she will enjoy it when the pleasure finally arrives.

For example, if you just throw her in bed and penetrate her penis inside her, chances are she has no anticipation.

But if you put her to bed, tease her and bring her to the brink of orgasm over and over again, this is going to be great. Everything is in expectation. You create anticipation by building something and then pulling back.

Female Pleasure – Principle #5 – Hollywood does not apply

What you saw in the movies does not apply here. This can not be choreographed. People sometimes hit your face unintentionally or one’s elbow will stop in the other’s eye. There will be no climate prepared for you unless one of you creates it.

And 99.9% of women fail to have an orgasm within the first 3-4 minutes of penetration. Remember it is fiction and it does not apply to real life.

You will see that applying these 5 principles will effectively remove things like nervousness and ego. For example, if you apply principle #1 and #3, it will be very difficult to get stressed or worried. Because your attention and your thoughts will be in with how she is feeling. For more tips on how to please a woman, visit www.virectil.eu.

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