Compared to men, women tend to be more aware of their own erogenous zones. This may be because they insist their partners explore their bodies. But, if you are a man who has never realized that the woman has more parts in the body, or if you are a woman who has never been given special attention in other areas, you may be surprised how many zones woman can actually have.

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Erogenous Zones of Woman’s Body #1 – Your Neck

The neck should be one of the hottest spots on the female body. There is hardly another method more effective than passionate kisses on the neck to turn a good night kiss into an invitation to sex. There are several things to keep in mind here, but most importantly, have control.

Soother may have been the cool thing when you were younger, but most women hate it, especially when they will not be able to show their necks for a week. Cover different areas of your neck with kisses, using the areas behind the ears for extra stimulation.

Erogenous Zones of Woman’s Body #2 – Her Ears

Many nerve endings are around the ears, making them ultra-sensitive to their touch. Use the pads of your index finger and thumb to massage the outer ears with slow and steady movements. Gently tighten the earlobes.

Explore the area behind the ear with your lips and tongue and then exhale deeply but gently as you continue to nibble. Do not be shy about making noises while you’re there, the sound of your breathing and moaning is something very exciting for most women. Be careful not to stick your tongue into her ear.

Erogenous Zones of Woman’s Body #3 – Your Lips

Do you know the biggest mistake of men (especially married or long-term relationships) during sex? Do not kiss enough. Women love to kiss, and many of them complain that they just do not spend enough time kissing. But do not just kiss more, kiss with quality.

Try varying the intensity (kiss it gently, then with more passion, then more gently). When finished with the lips, go to the cheeks, eyelids, forehead, nose, neck or earlobes (emphasizing the neck and ears).

If you usually move your hands all over her body when you kiss (which, by the way, is really good), try kissing her for several minutes without letting your hands wander (focus all your passion on the kiss), and let her show you when she’s ready to move on.

Erogenous Zones of Woman’s Body #4 – Your Scalp

Have you noticed that many women throw their hair? It’s not just a nervous habit, they do it because it feels good. She probably wants you to play with their hair, too. The scalp can be very sensitive to stimulation.

Having your hair brushed can be a very sensual experience. Or run your fingers through it while you’re kissing it, or just gently stroking your scalp with your hand. On the other hand, some women have phobias when it comes to having their head touched. Start slowly and watch her reaction.

Woman erogenous zones #5 – Your breasts

Breasts are familiar territory for most men. The mistake most men are likely to make is to pay close attention to them before the woman is ready. Too much stimulation of the breasts can be painful for women during some parts of their menstrual cycle.

Try to apply that less is more approach. Touch your breasts gently. Every breast is rich in nerve endings and all breasts have the same number of nerve endings. Thus, the woman with smaller breasts may experience increased sensations by touch.

Areas that are especially sensitive to touch include the nipple and areola (the pink area that directly surrounds the nipple). One of the most sensitive points, which is often overlooked, is the lower part of your chest. When kissing and touching your breasts, try to get around the outside and moving inward with slow circles. She can push her mouth or hand directly to her nipples, but do not let her do this, just continue moving slowly toward her nipple.

Do not hurry, she’s not going anywhere, so tease her. This whole process should take at least a few minutes. Then soak the tip of your finger and lightly touch your nipple and around. Then very lightly, use your fingertips, pinch the nipple between them and when they are hard, bring it in your mouth.

Note: Discover your preferences by asking her or by watching her reactions.

Erogenous areas of woman’s body #6 – Your clitoris

Erogenous zones

It is located at the top junction of your inner vaginal lips, a small button of pink flesh. Women like different amounts of direct stimulation on their clitoris. Some women will love it if you suck their exposed clitoris, others will scream in pain.

Often, what is unacceptably bad at first can become good after she is very excited (that is, very wet). For more tips on sexual stimulation, visit

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