Stay excited is very important for men, and women as well. Excitement is a feeling that is also called passion, lust, staying up and horny. It is what causes possible erections in men, lubrication in women and orgasm in both. Excitement is also the main part of what makes a sexual experience really good.

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Excited – 6 Ways to Boost Excitement #1 – Measuring Your Degree of Excitement

Although not necessary, it can be helpful in learning how to assess your degree of arousal. The best way to do this is to remember the moment when you felt more excited about sex, whether it was last night, last week, or twenty years ago. Try to remember exactly how exciting it was. And give this degree of excitation the number 10.

At the other end of the scale, we need a 0, a time when you felt no excitement. Now you anchored your scale at both ends. You may want to evaluate the average degree of sexual arousal. A wonderful feature of excitement is that it responds to direct effort.

So feel free to focus on the excitement during sex and at other times and consider what might intensify it. The more you can work on increasing and enjoying excitement during sex, and the less you try to force your penis to do anything, the more fun the sex will be.

Excited – 6 Ways to Boost Excitement #2 – Focus on sensation

Talking to thousands of people about what they think about during sex, it is interesting, many of them are light years away from what is happening and are thinking about work or sports. In general, not concentrating on what is happening will decrease the arousal and make sex less enjoyable.

Focusing, on the other hand, will amplify the sensations and make them more intense. Concentrating on sensation means just that. You put all your attention on your body. When you’re kissing, keep your mind on your lips.

Focusing does not need and should not be difficult. The tension generated by trying very hard does not help. One problem with focus is that our minds tend to wander. What you need to do is to kindly bring your attention back to where it belongs.

Excited – 6 Ways to Boost Excitement #3 – Complaints

We all try to be as positive as possible and cover up any complaint or problem. If we feel pressured by our partners to have erections, we do almost anything to avoid telling her about it. However, expressing negative feelings can be very liberating.

It can allow you to feel more in control of your life. It is important, of course, that what you say is put in a way that will be possible for your partner to hear. Blaming and accusing will diminish everyone’s sexual excitement.

Excited – 6 Ways to Boost Excitement #4 – Express pleasure

Express worries and complaints can clear the way for you to feel more excitement. However, also expressing pleasure with words, sounds and movements can amplify the good feelings and leave both more excited.

It will probably also excite your partner, and your increased passion will undoubtedly do the same for you. The more you express your emotion and pleasure, the more connected you will feel.

Excited – 6 Ways to Boost Excitement #5 – Different Places


One of the easiest ways to increase arousal is to have sex in different places. Of course, the bed is nice and comfortable and it is also where people are supposed to make love but it can get annoying if you never take a break.

What you say about sex in the living room or hall, or somewhere else? In the shower or in the closet? About the desk or even the night at the desk? You can also try sex in the car. Wherever you can lie down, sit down, or bow down, or one of you can put your tongue or hand on the other’s genitals, it’s a good place to consider.

Sex in different places gives a sense of variety and adventure and is usually a great ally to increase sexual desire. Sex in unusual places is interesting even if the actual act is not as good as it would be in a more familiar and comfortable environment.

For example, although a favorite fantasy for many people is sex on a beach or in a forest, the reality is often uncomfortable. You can end up with sand or dirt in your holes and bites on you. However, even when this happens, people remember fondly the memory years later.

Excited – 6 Ways to Boost Excitement #6 – Wear a costume

If fantasizing during sex with your partner is something that many people do and can greatly increase the sexual desire of both. Fantasies can increase arousal and therefore help maintain erections and intensify orgasms. If you have not got dressed up during sex, you can try doing it.

Whenever you feel appropriate or useful, conjure up in your mind an especially exciting image and stay with it as you like. For more information on sexual fantasies, read our article on sexual fantasies. And to increase female sexual desire with natural products, you may want to click here.

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