How to make love may seem like a basic thing about human nature. However, you want to make this experience something incredible and unforgettable, especially if it is a woman you are very fond of. That is why we have prepared this article for you.

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How to make love to a woman #1 – Do not expect her to train you

Unless you are in a submission relationship and the woman is the domineering, you should not expect the woman train you. One of the reasons why women are so reluctant to share their fantasies is because they think you should know by now. They do not want to have to explain. They want you to get the clues and signals she’s giving.

Do not be afraid to take the lead. Most women are fascinated by the posture of the cave man.

How to Make Love to a Woman #2 – Use Imagination, Anticipation, and Surprise

Men tend to be more creative than women. But somehow, that creativity dies in the bedroom. A woman, on the other hand, becomes more creative as she gets older, especially as she goes through menopause. If you do not have an imagination, train.

If you have imagination but realize that you are not using it, start exercising this along with your body and your penis. Use your imagination to choose a romantic theme and get dressed for the occasion.

Then build anticipation for sex with phone calls, emails, or text messages. Studies show that women who do mental assays of sex heal much faster.

How to make love with a woman #3 – Study about sex together

In the process of trying to figure out what kind of position she will most like, involve her in the act of studying sex with you. Doing so will bring the great benefit of providing good sex for both of you. Study together. Read the Kama Sutra together. Read erotic literature together. Watch erotic movies together.

A woman who is not fond of discussing her own preferences will speak openly about the movie, and if you are listening, you will know what her preferences are. However, be careful not to jump to conclusions.

We believe that the more the woman delivers an inferior service on a daily basis, the more likely she will be in her fantasies. On the other hand, the more dominant she is in her public life, the more likely she is to be submissive in her fantasies. (This is just a rough guide, guys. You’re going to need a lot more information to know for sure, but it’s a start.)

How To Make Love With A Woman #4 – Think Like A Lesbian

Let’s assume you discovered that she likes boxers and you have some related clothes and decide to wear them. You planned a date with a theme. His dinner was themed. The music was mellow and, most importantly, her favorite. You’re in bed now and it’s your turn to excite her clitoris. Do not dive into it… still.

When you’re in bed with your woman, try to think like a lesbian. If you’ve ever seen two women together, they do not have the urgency that usually accompanies the sex of a man with a woman. They are happy to take a leisurely walk through the gardens of the flesh and, as a man, you should try to do this.

You should be willing to do a slow exploration of your body and you will find your erogenous zones. And even if you’ve been there already and done that, do it again. Begin your journey by caressing every part of your body and watching it. See how she reacts and what she does not like.

How to make love

How to make love to a woman #5 – Do not let her get too comfortable

People with enthusiasm for life have very active sex lives. Bored people usually have boring sex lives. It’s sad, but it so happens that we often start out in a relationship with someone who really has a hectic approach to life but one day wakes up and find out that he or she has become a boring person with a boring sex life and you’ve been dragged to that sad place.

If this describes you and your partner, you should do something right away. Every day you are accepting a second-class life. See the example of a tree that did not bear fruit. When the tree was about ten years old, it was beautiful, but it never bore its fruit. His owner consulted an agricultural specialist and he said that the tree was very comfortable and that its owner needed to make the tree feel insecure. Then he struck the tree and in the next season it produced a huge harvest of fruit and continued for many years.

Obviously, we’re not suggesting that you hit your partner, but there’s a lesson here. A man never seems as good to his wife as when another woman begins to notice him. A woman never works so hard in her relationship (or more specifically in the sexual relationship) as she does when she suspects that her man may be getting bored with her.

So, yes, a lot of comfort and security can be a bad thing. On the other hand, you do not want to put the relationship at risk by making her jealous. However, you can take a look at a passing woman. If this approach does not work, try other things.

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