Many people have foot fetish and few things are more deadly to a woman’s control than a well-executed foot massage. It is an impressive seduction technique and an excellent preliminary to the deepest arousal.

Starting from the feet, you can work the way to the vagina afterward. When dealing with women, almost nothing works well done directly. But when you find a more oblique way to reach the same destination you would normally get faster, things can work. Do not ask me why women work that way, I did not design them, but I love them like that!

Foot Fetish # 1 – About kissing feet and toes

This is a choice on your part. If you like to suck your toes, this will be a means for you to satisfy yourself. I rarely kiss a woman’s feet except for maybe the instep. But regardless of whether you actually kiss your feet or not, doing a massage will make you earn a few points and demonstrate that you are good with your hands at the same time.

Women love hands, women really love hands! Make sure that your hand is as smooth and warm as possible. Taking care of your hands is always a good idea. Most men do not think about their hands, I suggest you start thinking.

Foot Fetish # 2 – Do you want to know a secret?

On the soles of the feet, there is a point that you can use to really make her excited. This point is capable of sending sensations of stimulation up and into a woman’s vagina. To achieve this, it takes time and takes a little practice, but it is really a great “indirect” method of getting her excited.

Foot Fetish #3 – Excitation power button

The designation of this point in acupuncture charts is Kidney 1. If you divide the sole of the foot into three horizontal or third sections, find the line that separates the first and second third of the foot. Kidney 1 is located in the sole of the foot between the second and third metatarsal bones, approximately one-third the distance between the base of the second toe and the heel.

That is the technically correct way to find it, now let us go the easy way. If you feel the sole of the foot, you can press a little more until you feel a depression in your sole. This is the point. This point is great for relaxing it and charging your sexual energies, in fact, this point is often used to treat various things related to sex.

Foot Fetish #4 – Kissing ankles

Foot fetish

What can you say about the ankles? Not much. However, two fingers directly on top of the ankle bone is a great spot to do a massage and give a few kisses.

This point is actually three points in one. You can kiss him or even suck. Bites may not be welcome here, as you may get an involuntary kick in the teeth. It is also an area that you really need to be careful when it is in your menstrual period or during pregnancy. If either of these conditions applies to you or your partner, try other stimulation.

Foot Fetish #5 – The inner knees and thighs

This is where things start to get interesting again. Once you reach the inner knee and start working on your inner thighs your excitement will start to accelerate quickly. Why? Not only because she will be feeling really good, but you are also getting closer and closer to her clitoris, and she knows it.

Visualize the best points to stimulate and divide the inner thigh in three portions along a horizontal plane. When you do this you will naturally have a top third, middle third and bottom third. It is good to concentrate the stimulation of your inner thigh along the middle third.

All the stimulation along this area goes straight to the region of your genitalia, sure enough, this is very useful. Now, at this point, we are incredibly close to the vagina itself. You can increase the intensity a bit more and really make it squirm. When you look at where your woman’s thigh, identify the part that joins your hip at the end of the groin crease is a great place for you to kiss and suck.

At this point, you can gently go towards your vagina. While you should hear some heavy and serious breathing and you probably see and feel some bowing back from it. If this happens, you are doing the right things.

It is interesting that she does not know exactly when you will lick her clitoris. Anticipation is this and serves to further increase sexual desire.

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