There are some important things about the kiss that you need to know. More specifically five secrets you need to know if you want to be able to kiss like a truly good lover.

The kiss is part of the erotic foreplay that more and more women are demanding for men to learn. Most men know that kissing is very important for women and yet these same guys emphasize very little learning how to do it, and do it well.

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Women compare the good kiss (or bad kiss) with the overall quality of the man. The good kiss is like the good man in bed. A guy who kisses badly amounts to a bad man in bed. In order to kiss as a truly good lover, you have to be prepared:

Kiss – How To Become A Master At The Art Of Kissing #1 – Check Your Skin

Are you clean, scraped or rough? This is almost one of those situations that can not be won. Women seem to enjoy looking at a man who has that rough look of 3 days without shaving. However, for the first kiss, she does not want her “rough” face to rub her.

If you notice that your beard is too big to irritate her face, be sure to leave it well trimmed, and do not forget to rub your face gently when you kiss. Making very sudden movements can cause even more discomfort to her.

Kiss – How to Become a Master in the Art of Kissing #2 – Check Your Lips

The best piece of advice here is, do not wait until the night you go out with the woman you want to kiss to decide to do something with your lips. Begin using a lip balm.

If you work outdoors, pass a cocoa butter when the guys are not looking. Before leaving home for work, during a lunch break, and after leaving work, repeat the process. If all else fails, put some Vaseline at night when you go to bed.

Kiss – How To Become A Master At The Art Of Kissing #3 – Check Your Teeth

When was the last time you cleaned them, professionally? In addition, there have been so many breakthroughs made in the world of teeth that I recommend you look at. You do not need to have white teeth like someone just came out of a whitening. However, dirty or yellow teeth are very unpleasant for women and may prevent you from winning the long-awaited kiss.

Kiss – How To Become A Master At The Art Of Kissing #4 – Check Your Breath

Even if you are not sure that you will even have the opportunity to kiss your wife, do not risk neglecting your breath. Maybe you’ll get a chance to get close. And she’ll catch a breath of your breath, and if things are not good she’ll turn her head to the side.

It is not a difficult thing to have a clean breath. Do not have a toothbrush or toothpaste on hand? Get a mint candy. You can put a very small mint candy in your mouth. Better yet, try bursting a good black licorice in abundance in your mouth and see what happens.

Kiss – How to become a master at the art of kissing #5 – Check your receptivity

Is she sending you signals that she’s ready for the kiss, or are you being her usual self and just jumping on the first chance you have?

Watching this and knowing how to read her body language can mean you do not ruin the moment by trying something she is not ready for yet.

Kiss – How to become a master at the art of kissing #6 – If things get hot…


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