Vaginal lubrication is essential for sex to be enjoyable for the couple. However, many women fail to achieve the much needed lubrication. This decreases the desire to have sex and can cause problems for the relationship.

Lack of lubrication also causes pain during sex. The discomfort is generated because of the friction skin, decreasing the arousal. Usually the lack of lubrication is caused by small imbalances in the body or organism. It can also be caused by traumatic events among other things. So in this article we will consider some tips for recovering female lubrication. If the problem is lack of desire to have sex, click here.

Let us understand the lubrication

The lubrication at the time of intercourse it is essential for that penetration to occur smoothly and without discomfort. In normal cases the vagina lubrication begins already in the preliminaries, even without much contact in the vaginal area.

If man does not invest in the preliminaries, sex is not so pleasant and can cause pain and infections in the region. This discomfort usually occurs because of the rush, then the best tip is to seize the moment and in no hurry to arrive soon to orgasm. If your partner does not like the idea, it may be time to sit down and talk about it.

Foods that help in increasing the lubricating

There are some foods that increase vaginal lubrication because they increase blood circulation throughout the body. So, when the body’s circulation increases, it automatically sends information to the brain and increases the desire for sex. Read the article about how the food is able, through their substances, increase the desire for sex, here.


Help make the blood circulate faster by the body naturally creating vaginal lubrication. It also helps to prolong a man’s erection.


In addition to tasty, dark chocolate gives the feeling of pleasure, and because it is a stimulant in the body, he increases vaginal lubrication.


To contain enough zinc, the seafood are responsible for producing secretions in the body, including vaginal lubrication.


The banana is something cheap and easy to find and that is highly rich in magnesium. The banana can dilate the veins. Eating only a few during the day, the improved lubrication is easily perceived.


The grain soy and its derivatives, when they are absorbed by the body have an effect similar to the effect caused by estrogen. This is very important because estrogen is the hormone responsible for sexual desire. If the body does not have enough good fats, the sexual relations may be harmed. Thus, soy and derivatives thereof are a good idea to increase the production of vaginal lubricant.

Milk and milk products

Besides releasing the hormone that generates welfare, milk and its derivatives strengthen the muscles and this helps in improving orgasm.

Solutions to the lack of lubrication

If, after the preliminaries, the vagina can not be lubricated or not enough, the woman can use the industrial lubricants that will promote greater comfort. It is not recommended to use home-made lubricants, it can cause allergies and other damage.

Keep the body hydrated

Drink water continuously, increases vaginal lubrication. Doctors recommend that between drinks and liquid food, two liters of water per day are necessary for our body stay hydrated. Thus the body will be able to produce lubrication naturally.

It is advisable to avoid caffeine and alcohol, because they cause dehydration in the body and hence the lubrication will be less.

Important care intimate hygiene

Be careful at bath time also influences the female lubrication, because some intimate soaps, especially those without the neutral smell, can disrupt the pH of the vagina, leaving it drier. The best options are always natural.

The soap used to wash the underwear is also better be unscented and especially for delicate skin.

You can read a full article on intimate hygiene, click here.

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Keep a clear mind

Anxiety and stress cause imbalance in hormones and this affects the lubrication of some women. If stress and anxiety are being caused by a problem, is very important try to handle or remove the problem as soon as possible.

The couple can also enjoy relax together before the relationship, as previously said, the foreplay are very important for female lubrication, then invest in kisses and caresses. Thus they will get to enjoy the moment and it will be pleasurable. If so done, vaginal lubrication will come easily and naturally.

You can also solve the problem through aphrodisiacs and sexual stimulants, made especially for women. These aphrodisiacs and stimulants are produced with a natural formula. Visit Virectil site to learn more about these products. If you still can not feel lubrication and still feel burning or itching is good to see a doctor gynecologist to see what your particular problem.

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