Women are not as complicated as many people think they are. You only need to know what they want in bed and how they want. So check out the tips given in this article and see how your sexual life will improve.

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Women #1 – Learn to read them

Men who are already more familiar with the art of conquest know the importance of knowing how to read a woman, because no woman is like another. Learning to read every breath and every sound it emits is a key part to win her in bed.

Some women like to talk more loving way, other more abusively, and so on. Some women enjoy themselves with closed eyes in silence, others like to make a lot of noise and other almost swoon of euphoria.

The goal is to know what gives you more pleasure and what are the things they like best in bed, more simply, you need to learn to read it, because every woman is different. The wishes and every woman needs are different, and you can not give what it needs if you do not read their signs.

The signs are always there, some men are good at reading them. Scientists confirm that facial expressions are the same worldwide, there is no a culture where people express happiness frowning. Therefore, there is no tricks in this tip, you only need to pay attention.

Women #2 – Keep focus on her


Do not forget to maintain eye to eye for some time. Do not be afraid to stare at her. This may be weird to some younger, timid or inexperienced women, but is also necessary for many other women.

Keep your eyes on her it is a way to stay focused, to stay in tune with what she’s going through. His breathing and body movements can tune in to your. You will be aware of your heartbeat, sounds and everything you need to know about it.

Women #3 – Learn to play and create scenarios

Knowing how to play is key to good sex. Men who are great lovers are not afraid to look foolish when doing erotic scenarios to please the woman. Sometimes the scenarios may appear naturally, it is sometimes necessary planning.

Anyway, invest your time in creating something different. Trying new things is a way out of the routine and perhaps what is missing your relationship become more spicy.

Women #4 – Use proper underwear

Silk stockings, high heels, costumes with student uniform are some fantasies that men expect women to use to win them in bed. When she innovates in underwear sex is much more pleasant for the couple.

However, it is not only women who can fantasize, man can and must do this. Discover the underwear she finds most appealing to you to use. If you think this is not important, ask yourself how you would feel about making love to a beautiful woman wearing granny panties.

You just need to find out what she likes and use. If you do not like the idea of changing your normal underwear, it is worth remembering that no one is asking you to wear high heels, is only an underwear.

Women #5 – Train your body

You’ll never be a good lover without stamina. Men who exercise your body have a better perform in bed, as well as women who exercise are more likely to reach orgasm.

Do not try to fix shortcuts, if you want to be a good lover, you need to exercise your body. There is also food supplements that can help you. There are a number of plants and vitamins, for example, supposed to help increase sexual resistance.

Fruits and spices which are known as aphrodisiacs include oranges, which increase blood flow to the penis and strawberries. Sweat is also a powerful aphrodisiac. I do not think you should shower after working out and before having sex. Sweat is full of pheromones and can leave her more attracted and excited woman.

Women #6 – Train your brain

Train your brain through literature and the arts. Read more about love, because many women are seduced more by words than by actions. Even more important than this, man must develop listening skills.

Generally, the female group is conditioned to believe that men never never hear them. If you want to conquer a woman in bed, learn to listen her. When man combines an intelligent dialogue with moments where it shows you are listening to what she says, can be highly effective.

Women #7 – Male Supplements

As mentioned before, the man can use supplements to conquer the woman even more in bed. On the site www.virectil.eu, you find several products that will help you. There are products for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement. Visit the site and confirm the effectiveness of the products.

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