As much as you have some knowledge in seduction, it is important that you read these seduction tips anyway. They will help you do even better when it comes to getting the person you want.

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5 Seduction Tips to Get It Right #1 – Approach

There will be certain situations where it may be more difficult to start an approach. For example, your waitress is standing while you are sitting or the girl you like is working behind the bar. You may not have the opportunity to use a lot of emotion, but you can still use this powerful move.

Despite the distance or bad positioning, you can always ask for her name and give her hand so she can write her name and number. By doing this, you will already be creating the sexual tension that is very important, to begin with.

5 Seduction Tips to Get It Right #2 – Never go away first

Whenever you shake hands with a woman, make it a rule to never be the first person to hold hands. Always let her pull her hand first. In other words, hold for at least as much time as she holds on as well.

Have you done it right? Think again. You will be surprised to know that, in fact, YOU are pulling your hand before it does. Maybe you just want to be polite or after a few seconds, you start getting nervous. But being polite does not create attraction. You want her to get a little nervous.

5 Seduction Tips to Get It Right #3 – Tension

Holding her hand a little longer than she expects creates tension and makes her heart beat faster. That is a good thing if she likes you. Like most things in seduction is the person who can best deal with the sexual tension that wins.

For example, who will be the first to speak, break eye contact first or pull the hand for some distance in the first place. Sometimes she will not pull her hand and you will hold hands for a long time. This is gradable!

5 Seduction Tips to Get It Right #4 – Testing Interest

And your name is? Something as simple as asking for your name and shaking hands can reveal a lot about a woman’s level of interest. Be sure not to give him your name. You do this because you want to see if it asks for your name. If she does not ask for it, that is a bad sign. She does not care who you are.

Also, pay special attention to how long she keeps holding her hand. Does she wait for as long as you do or she pulls her hand out quickly and seems to be uncomfortable.

5 Seduction Tips to Get It Right #5 – Relationship

Changing names is also a good idea because it builds the relationship and locks within you. But do not worry, she will not feel too uncomfortable, in fact, she will try harder to get your attention. When you combine an extended handshake with a seductive eye contact, there will still be a spark of electricity in the air.

The introduction of shaking hands is a great move for relationship building because it tests your level of interest, creates tension, and can make you more susceptible to you quickly. As such, putting your hand out when asking for your name is to dictate greater and should be made in each interaction.

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