The sex tips you will see in this article, have been specially selected so that the couple can enhance your intimacy. These techniques can be made by anyone. You can choose one in particular, or try them all. Whatever you prefer is the best.

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Sex tips #1 – During the sex

Keep the movements at a speed that you can control. Learn what is the degree of excitement of your partner and your excitement. This will let you know how much you are both close to orgasm.

If you are closer to orgasm than she, attach a different position or a different speed. If you have no control of it and feels that she is close to orgasm, you have some options.

The first option is that the woman stop encourage you if it is up of you. Tell her to stop. This is likely to bother her, so you should find another way to stimulate her. It is recommended that you continue stimulating orally.

The second option complements the first. You should ensure that you are in control of sex. If you need to change positions so that you stay in control. This is very important, especially if you suffer from premature ejaculation problems.

Sex tips #2 – Muscle PC

An extremely important tip is that you remember to always tighten your PC muscle when you’re close to orgasm. Doing so will help delay ejaculation. When the PC muscle is tight, it retains the semen and reduces the effect of pumping that is thrown out.

Sex tips #3 – Masturbation

Nothing can ruin sex as intentionally fast how masturbate. Especially for men who have greater difficulty in controlling the timing. The faster you masturbate, faster ejaculation will happen.

Sometimes it’s hard to learn something that does not look natural. We are fast ejaculatory by nature, our body was so designed for this. So our body finds it easier to ejaculate faster than decrease arousal.

As you learn control, masturbating quickly can easily put everything to lose. If you want to masturbate, at least try to last as long as possible. Try to last more than 15 minutes, even if all you want is a quickie.

The longer you last, the more pleasure will be enhanced and this will really help in your quest for control. Face masturbation as another premature ejaculation, exercise and nothing will go wrong.

Sex tips #4 – Very high Libido

There are people who have very high libido. This can be a problem for some, as you will need to ejaculate as quickly as possible, rather than take the whole sexual experience. This will cause the environment becomes very conflicting, where control ejaculation will be very difficult.

In this case, it is recommended more sex and more masturbation. Practice more sex and more masturbation will cause the impulse is released, and you will be able to stay in a state in which the control can be something possible.

Sex tips #5 – Change perception

Do not start sex with an attitude that you want to just end it there, as this will cause it to be a failure. Face things differently. Try to see the situation as a way to please your partner and you will be able to last longer.

Think of all the aspects of care that you are demonstrating to her. In your mind, you may wonder, is she like it? What could I do to make her feel even better?

With these questions in mind, you will keep busy thoughts. When the mind is free, you will not get excited quickly. After learning how to maintain control, you have the ability to last as long as desired. If you choose all day, or just a quickie, the choice is yours.

Sex tips #6 – Combination techniques

Learn how to use and combine techniques of this article, and other items found on the site. All you read and find interesting, can be applied, it is a matter of personal choice. You will find some more difficult and more easy techniques. What works for you may not work for someone else. There is no right way, there is your way.

Sex tips #7 – Lubricant

To make the experience more enjoyable, make use of a good lubricant.


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