How to masturbate is an essential way for you or your partner reach the orgasm. Using your hands is a very natural, effective and satisfying way to bring yourself or your lover to orgasm. Hands have an amazing skill and are able to provide a great pleasure.

How to masturbate #1 – Tips for him and her

There is no right way to stimulate the genitals of his lover with the hands. Each person has their own desires and preferences for manual stimulation.

However, there are some general tips and techniques that work for most men and women. There are some pitfalls you can avoid:

  • Remove any jewelry hand because they can get in the way. The jewels can cause discomfort or irritate the genitals of his lover.
  • Be with good clean hands.
  • Use proper lubrication, read more here.
  • Allow your body is in physical contact with your partner.
  • Talk exciting things.
  • Kiss on the mouth.

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How to masturbate #2 – Tips and Techniques

There is enough space for its own technical manuals. However, try the following techniques and tips. Never forget that your lover is ultimately the expert. If something works for him, it is a good technique. If not, try another.

  • Start with movements using only your fingertips up and down. You can do this before applying any lubricant.
  • Take the head of the penis, it is the most sensitive area. Press lightly with your fingertips.
  • If he ejaculated a little, use the liquid as a lubricant.
  • Switch hands. Make movements from the head of his penis to the base. If you quickly switch both hands, it will give the feeling of an endless tunnel. Certainly something very pleasurable for the man.
  • Use both hands to stroke. This allows the man feels that his penis is something really big.

How to masturbate #3 – Tips and techniques for her

Your hands can stimulate the entire vulva of women, including the labia, clitoris and the inside of her vagina if she wants it. Do not limit only the clitoris. Stimulate all the vulva allows a larger area to let the woman excited. See more tips:

  • If your hands are too rough, use lubricant.
  • Be careful with your fingernails. The genital tissues are very sensitive and can easily get hurt by long, sharp or irregular nails.
  • The vagina can produce adequate lubrication for masturbation. Dip a finger into the vagina and pull a little moisture. If not enough, use lubricant.
  • By stimulating the vulva, let your fingers glide smoothly across the clitoris.
  • Spread the touch around the vulva.
  • For added excitement, try to gently hold the shaft of the clitoris between thumb and forefinger and stroke up and down as if they were a very small penis.
  • Alternatively, you can gently squeeze the clitoris between your index finger and middle finger, turning his fingers back.
  • If and when it is ready to have the inside of your pussy stimulated, you can slide a finger or two into it. To get started, just leave them in there while you continue stimulating the rest of the vulva. Then start to slide in and out repeatedly. Make sure you have enough lubrication for the fingers glide smoothly and effortlessly. Doing this is a way to greatly increase the excitement.
  • When she’s really excited, put your fingers along the front wall of the vagina, which is the famous point G. Read this article that will help you better find the G-spot, click here. Try to caress your G-spot with a move to come and go.

How to masturbate #4 – Tips and techniques to reach orgasm

When your partner is ready and almost reached the climax, continue doing what you are doing. When one of the two reach orgasm, keep smooth motion with one hand. Place your other hand rest on the heart, thus allowing the other person to feel his presence, while the body rests.

This is a good time to share any feelings you have for one another. Let her know how much you think it beautiful and how much you love her. Similarly a woman can express her feelings for the man.

How to masturbate # 5 – Natural products Virectil

Another tip is to use stimulants for women become more excited. On site, you will also find male stimulants. However, let us focus on the woman leave more encouraged now.


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