The breasts are very important erogenous zones to let the woman excited. So, in this article we will see some specific techniques to make even better use of these areas.

Even if you already are with your partner for a long time, you can try to make your next date like the first time between you two. Perhaps, this is what is needed to spice things up. Usually the secret to warm things is out of the routine. Anyway, follow the tips below and enjoy.

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Improve the quality of your orgasm

Breasts #1 – Each breast is not the same

Every woman is different when it likes and dislikes. All people are different. Likewise, each breast is different. In fact, it is quite common that women’s breasts have different sizes and shapes.

With this in mind, you need to know that what worked for a partner may not work with your current partner. There are women who prefer tenderness and a touch of feathers. Others want something rougher, pinches and bites.

Other women prefer a combination of the two. Moreover, it is important to understand that at different times of the month, the breasts become more sensitive, then man must be willing to adapt each time the woman is going through.

Breasts #2 – Start with a gentle touch

Instead of going straight to the nipple, touch the whole breast. Run your fingers on the outer edges where you can get a good picture of the breast side. Draw a line with your fingers on the contour of the breasts until the part arrives at the neckline.

Add a few breaths on her nipples. Avoid getting grabbing, groping and kneading, at least not until things get hot or until she tells you to do this.

Breasts #3 – Tease her breasts

Instead of touching and kissing the whole breast, ignoring the nipple, feed the provocation for giving some more provocative breaths through it, but do not touch her nipples. It’s all part of the art of seducing.

The challenge will make it more difficult to be controlled, the woman will start to squirm and ask for you. Do not touch the nipples until it is completely asking for you. The need and the challenge will probably lead her to an orgasm that will literally make the nipples tingle.

Breasts #4 – Pay attention

Study the reactions she has while you put into practice these tips. Notice what is happening throughout your body, notice how it breathes and groans. Look for your blush.

The breasts also show signs of what is happening, especially if you are doing it right. When the sinuses are excited, they receive floods of blood and can swell up to 25%. In some women, it is common for breasts become darker due to excitement.

Breasts #5 – Make this time be something in team

Ask her to show what she likes, rather than just tell you. It will feel a lot of power to be your teacher and you two will get more excited. Tell her to touch herself the way she likes. During sex, she should continue touching her breasts while riding on you.

Breasts #6 – Make the time to be an experience

Start with different temperature. Ice cubes directly on the breasts can be almost painful and causes them to become warmer. Try different kinds of materials also.

You can use synthetic hair or feathers. For the more adventurous women, nipple clamps can provide a retaining element around her breasts, where the roughness increases feelings of sensuality.

Breasts #7 – Always make compliments, they are welcome

If you like what you see and what you are feeling, do not hold back. Compliment your partner will make her feel more comfortable with herself, and this in turn will increase your sexual responses.

Another tip is to use stimulants for women become more excited. On site, you will also find male stimulants. However, let us focus on the woman leave more encouraged now.


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