Impotence is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. The man cannot get or maintain an erection long enough for sex. This dysfunction is quite common.

Research indicates that 10% of men are unable to keeping the penis erect. Even if they are being stimulated physically or psychologically. It is also proven that at least half of men will suffer impotence at least once in their lives.

When this happens for the first time, the man may begin to question their masculinity and become anxious. The second time your anxiety increases and what happened before takes on a greater meaning. The third time may be due to recall the previous incidents.

To find a solution and treatment for sexual dysfunction is necessary to find the cause first. If a man has sexual desires but cannot have or maintain an erection, your problem has an organic or physical basis.

Dysfunction #1 – Functional Impotence

It is caused due to a failure to achieve or maintain an erection of the penis because of disturbances in the circulatory or nervous system. Other causes are the effects of aging, anxiety, stress or excessive use of alcohol and drugs, including many medicines. Usually are medicines for high blood pressure that impair erection.

Dysfunction #2 – New Impotence

Impotence in young men has had as cause feelings of sexual insecurity. This insecurity comes from several factors. The main factor may be the fear of not satisfying a demanding woman. This can leave the endangered man and cause impotence in them.

Dysfunction #3 – Organic Impotence

It is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection due to any physical defects in the genital area or nervous system, which controls the erection.

Dysfunction #4 – Primary Impotence

It is impotence extreme, in which a man never been able to achieve erection sufficient to maintain sexual intercourse.

Dysfunction #5 – Secondary Impotence

The secondary impotence is when the man is able to achieve a normal erection and ejaculation during sex, but cannot repeat this performance. This type of impotence is very common.

Dysfunction – Treatment for Impotence

There are several methods available to treat impotence, most men prefer to try something natural before taking strong drugs. There is a therapeutic process in which the main objective is to make the man overcome the fear of failure sexually.

The therapy requires the participation and commitment of the sexual partner of the man, because she needs create an ideal atmosphere. She can make a man do not feel pressured, but relax and enjoy the contact and the excitement of having sex. The process may involve the stimulation of the penis to create an erection, without penetration.

Failing to maintain an erection is a problem that starts with an increased flow of blood to the penis and ending with slowly returning the blood to the body’s circulation.

Sometimes the blood starts to recede slowly, while the erection is still in progress because of a contraction of valves blood vessels in the penis. This causes the penis gets soft. Thus, the main causes of impotence in middle-aged men is obstruction of blood circulation in the penis.

Other causes include failing penile blood pressure, the lack of mobility of the penile vein valves, and all these features together. Many prescription drugs also affect sexual performance and can cause other dysfunctions. These drugs cause premature ejaculation or even the development of female sex characteristics in men.

Dysfunction – Treatment with Virectil


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