Condoms are fundamental to have a safe sex, free of transmitted diseases sexually and free of the risk of getting pregnant. Many men do not like using them because they say they decrease your performance in bed. Thanks to the advancement in technology and times we live in, we can now find condoms with different shapes and textures, generating pleasure intensified during sex.

There are so many options that you can even get confused when buying and want to take them all. There are those with a light texture which increases female pleasure during sex and there are also condoms with retardant effect, for those men who suffer from premature ejaculation. You can read more about how to prevent premature ejaculation here.

Condoms and pleasure

If things are half stops during sex, seek new things, how new positions, new caresses and even a new condom. There is a variety of condoms which produce different effects during sexual intercourse. Some people are allergic to latex, for that reason can not use the conventional condoms, but there are alternatives to these people. We will see below, the different types of condoms.


It is the most common type that exists. To offer much resistance and be quite elastic, your material can provide much protection. For this protection to be effective, you need to use a condom correctly. All condoms must be used the right way to have your correct effect, see the operating instructions in their own condoms and find out which is the correct way to use it.


As we said, there are people allergic to latex and they need to find an alternative solution, one of those many options can be a condom made of polyurethane. Be allergic to latex is no reason not to use a condom.



The texture can generate pleasure for the man and the woman in this way, the condom with the texture on the inside serves to activate the male pleasure and with the texture on the outside, for female pleasure. The texture can create a different feel because can massage the vaginal walls. And for the man, the great desire of effect will also be higher, because the inner texture will optimize the stimulation on the entire penis.

Ultra thin condoms

For those who do not have a high libido and say the condom takes pleasure, may prefer to use ultra-thin condoms, the use of these type of condom will produce a greater sensitivity in the penis and increase the quality of sex. Because it is thinner, too fits just as well on the penis and the man feels better.

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If the couple plan to have a night with oral sex, condoms with flavor can be an excellent choice. There are various flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, mint. People extremely allergic to dyes or latex itself is not recommended to use such preservatives, otherwise the effect may be a delicious night. There is also the option of condoms tasteless and only flavored.

Condoms with retardant effect

These condoms help a man’s erection last longer, because it is placed in an anesthetic composition with the lubricant and that causes the head of the penis become somewhat numb and unable to feel the moment of ejaculation. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation can test this option, it works for most men.

Hot and cold effect

They may be what you need to rev up the sex. It is interesting how these preservatives work, as they may vary with the double position during sex. The moment you put the condom already see the effect.

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Condom sizes

Since each penis size varies from man to man, it is necessary to have different sizes of condoms options. Typically, one can easily find condoms at all desired sizes: S, M, L and XL. There are also greater options in circumference, these are used by men who have very thick penis.

If you do not know which to choose size, you can buy different sizes and test in your penis, so you will find out which size is snug and comfortable, thus avoiding, discomfort during sex. And besides the discomfort that can be caused by a condom not be the right size, it can escape from the penis during intercourse, if it is too large. If it is too tight, can roll back and if it is too loose, can stay in the vagina.

Regardless of what a condom is chosen, it is very important to choose one, because condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancies and can also prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to know that you can not use the same condom twice in a row, even if it has not occurred ejaculation. So always keep in your wallet or pocket more than one condom available.

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