Premature ejaculation is the name given to when a man ejaculates earlier than expected or too fast. But what is fast ejaculate? Some experts in the matter say that if a man reaches orgasm two or three minutes to start your sex and your partner has not reached orgasm, he suffers from premature ejaculation.

Although not an exact definition, it comes close to what happens in most cases. If you found yourself in this situation, do not panic. Contrary to what some people say, suffer this problem does not mean that you are sexually inexperienced. In fact premature ejaculation is more common than you think. To combat this problem, you can follow a few tips.

Premature ejaculation and the power of the mind

Most people think that the body plays a major role during sex, but it is actually the mind that controls most of the things that happen during intercourse. After all, the body is controlled by the brain, so if you can control the mind, will automatically control the body.

Reduce anxiety

If you are stressed during sex your energy will not be very good. So it is necessary to reduce the anxiety and using some techniques you will be able to do this. There are breathing techniques that help combat erectile dysfunction, but can also be used for sexual impotence, since the goal is to let the body and mind relaxed, click here to read.

Do not rush to have sex

Try to invest more in the preliminaries, so you will be comfortable with yourself and will be able to relax. Women often complain that men skip the stage of the preliminaries, but for them foreplay is very important, even to get more vaginal lubrication, click here to read more about it.

After a few minutes doing foreplay you will be more calm and relaxed. Your partner will become more excited and sex will be even more enjoyable. This will make penetration easier and it will achieve the fastest and most enjoyable orgasm, so you get penetration.

Bad experiences of the past do not define your present

It’s easy to panic before having sex if you keep thinking about experiences that you finished the job before you even start. But how much of this you can not do anything to change, what can be done is to keep your focus on the present and forget the bad experiences. Bad experiences will not define your entire sex life. Who defines it is your mind, so think positive and concentrate on the present.

It’s normal be distracted. But not recommended

Sex is to be nice. Many men begin to think of math problems to get distracted during sex and thus be able to increase the duration of your sexual performance. But this technique is not pleasant. Try to stay relaxed and paying attention at the time, mainly focusing their thoughts on pleasure you’re getting. If you feel that will come before the moment, stop, go back and relax. Repeat this process as needed. You are in control of your body if you are in control of your mind.

The body

After following the above tips and your body is already calm, relaxed and mentally focused, you will start the penetration. Do this slowly and do not rush. Many men think the key is speed, but this is not true. Start slowly and sensually, your partner will appreciate it. Doing so will give her the chance to become aroused and ready for sex.

Sexual positions

Premature Ejaculation

The position you choose during sex can affect your performance and cause premature ejaculation, or not. People who understand the subject say that the position “missionary” with the man on top of the partner, is not the best method.

While you’re on top, you need to hold your weight. This creates a tension in the muscles, shoulders, back and legs. Therefore, many prefer that the woman is on top, so the muscle tension will be smaller and the man will be able to relax. Try this position with his partner, allowing it to control the relationship.

In this position the woman can support your weight better, because it probably will be with the well supported knees. And you will be better able to guide her movements. Several women prefer to be on top, because it gives them more freedom of movement, increasing your pleasure.

Do not let prejudice take care of the moment. Some men have trouble thinking that this position makes them inferior. If you think so, it’s time to review your concepts. Just try having sex in this position for some time, this will be essential. Try to realize that your main concern is to give and receive pleasure, in any position whatever.

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