Questions about sex arise for many people, especially for young people who have never had sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is sometimes called making love, sex, fuck or other expressions not as formal. In addition, this happens when the man is with the penis erect and penetrates the vagina of a woman.

Having sex means that the couple is likely to conceive a baby, unless they use contraception. In the sex can be transmitted a sexually transmitted disease, if one of the two are contaminated.

It is also interesting to inform the reader that it is illegal for a man to have sex with a girl who is less than sixteen year old. You may want to consider the opinions of their parents on this subject. You can also have religious or moral beliefs that means not having sex until you are married.

There is a lot of pressure so that young people have their first sexual intercourse, society preaches that they need to lose their virginity. Some young people think that most other kids his age have had sex, but this cannot be true.

Regardless of the situation you are in, if it is your first time will arise questions, read on the most common questions asked by young people before their first sexual intercourse.

Questions about sex # 1 – Will it hurt the first time?

Usually the girls wonder if it will hurt the first time that they would have sex with a boy. Can happen to hurt and some girls bleed a little. It is important to be relaxed and excited to produce natural lubrication, you can read more about vaginal lubrication, click here.

Bleeding usually occurs because the girl has ruptured hymen at first intercourse. The hymen is a small piece of thin skin through the opening of the vagina. Sometimes a girl may have already broken the hymen without even knowing.

Questions about sex # 2 – Need contraception the first time?

Yes, because a girl can get pregnant the first time that have sex. Even if you have not planned to have sex, if you are dating, it is always useful to have a condom and the pill in the case of girls, so that you will be prepared to decide when the right time is.

Questions about sex # 3 – A girl can get pregnant without having intercourse?

Yes. If the boy’s penis will close to the vagina, there may be sperm in the fluid that leaves of the penis before ejaculating. This can lead to pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection.

Questions about sex

Questions about sex # 4 – How is the sex?

The body is sensitive and warm, the person becomes more and more excited and can have an orgasm. Not having an orgasm does not mean you do not like the person.

Having sex can be one of the physical and emotional experiences more intense and enjoyable that a person may have, but is not always wonderful. See how to improve the quality of your orgasm, click here.

Questions about sex # 5 – How long is a sexual intercourse?

It depends on what you intend to say. An intercourse can take any amount of time. A boy may that ejaculated too fast in the first time he has sex. Usually, the hard intercourse longer when people are more experienced and know what to expect.

However, with a new partner can take time for people to get used to each other. Also, every time people have sex is different, depending on how they feel and what they want.

Questions about sex # 6 – Having sex is noisy?

Only if you want it to be. Some people make a lot of noise when they have sex. They can moan of pleasure or even cry. Some people like to talk during sex.

Others do not speak or make any noise. Nevertheless, your body can make noises that you cannot avoid, these sounds can be embarrassing or funny, but they are perfectly normal.

Questions about sex # 7 – What is oral sex?

Oral sex is when a person licks or sucks the penis or another person’s vagina. When oral sex is done to a man is called a blowjob. If two people have oral sex with another at the same time, it is called 69 because of the way in which their bodies are.

A girl cannot get pregnant to perform oral sex on a boy, even swallow his sperm. Oral sex is a very intense and intimate experience. Some people like to do and others prefer to just receive. It is very important to think about what the other person really wants.

Some STDs can be transmitted through oral sex. There are flavored condoms available to make this more palatable experience. You may see the condoms that generate more pleasure, click here.

Questions about sex # 8 – What can help to be a happy experience?

Many things can be done to make this more pleasurable and unforgettable moment. If you are old enough can make use of natural supplements that will further boost in this time. Access the site and meet aphrodisiacs, lubricants and the best products to solve the most common disorders in men and women.

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