The passion that is seen at the beginning of a relationship can go decreasing over time. The reasons are several. May be because of stress, financial problems, the routine or because of lack of communication.

It may also happen that sexual desire decreases for no apparent reason. Many wonder why the passion that existed at the beginning decrease, especially if that passion was very intense.

Sexuality and sexual relations are an art and the highest point of pleasure is not orgasm, but a state of ecstasy for an unlimited time. You do not need to be a sexual athlete to achieve this. Keep the flame burning is not easy, but it can be learned.

First time – How is the post sex
Women – Tips that men need to know

Passion – How to keep the flame burning #1 – Look for complicity

Pay attention to the eyes and thoughts of your spouse. Find the right time anywhere and at any time, to let the person know what you are thinking with the blink of an eye.

Use secret codes that has meaning for both of you, and only you will be able to understand. Try to seduce your partner to make love in a prohibited place or a place that will bring a lot of excitement for both of you.

Passion – How to keep the flame burning #2 – Remember the good times

Meet with your partner to remember the good times you had a lot of chemistry together and honor these moments with a toast or even retracing the movements reminded. Use flowers, different scents, and candles to create a romantic mood and add to the excitement.

Passion – How to keep the flame burning #3 – Take care of the way you have sex

The relationship of you have fallen into the routine? You have sex mechanically as if it were just another task that must be completed that day? Watch it, watch the looks and gesture your partner does. Caress your entire body with a large dose of eroticism in every motion carried.

Passion – How to keep the flame burning #4 – Do you know what excites your partner?

It is very important that you find out you’re doing everything your partner really enjoy. If you realize that you could do more, or could do different things, try.

They can be simple. You can whisper in the ear of your partner erotic stories, or the couple can combine use some fantasy that both have fetish. Use your imagination so that you have a special occasion and make way for the excitement.

Passion – How to keep the flame burning #5 – Encourage and cause your partner

Tease your lover sexually and then, when you realize that it is at the maximum level of excitement, do what she asks you to do. Foreplay is very important to let your partner with a lot of passion and lust for you.

Passion – How to keep the flame burning #6 – Do not forget to communicate

When you are spending quality time with your partner, express your love for him or her, and reveal what you feel in your heart. If you really feel it, say you love the person. This assertion is a necessary step to keep the passion burning.

Passion – How to keep the flame burning #7 – Try a different position

Try a different position may be what is needed to get out of the routine and increase passion. One suggestion is the ‘Total hug’ position. This position promotes the passionate and creative sex, where body contact is complete. To have sex in this position, both must feel a sense of complete surrender.

To use this position both should be naked. The couple stands each looking in the eye of another. The woman raises her legs, holds his arms around the man’s neck and holds her legs around his waist. The man holds the woman by the butt and controls the intensity of penetration.

The rate that will be used in this position can be defined in two ways: up and down or back and forth. The pace will depend on the intensity, delivery, time, power, and the need to experience a more intense pace.

Passion – How to keep the flame burning #8 – Natural supplements


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