Through the erogenous zones of the body, is able to talk and transmit messages to the partner. This also happens by touch, because when these areas are stimulated, the body gives the answer in the form of pleasure. Therefore, it is necessary to know which are they and what the intensity of touch should be applied. After learning what the erogenous areas are, it is also important to know the best way to touch, there are several ways that will make your partner or your partner even more in the mood.

Do not be like the many couples who fall into the routine of the relationship and things in bed begin to cool. If this happens, do not worry, you can rekindle the flame and cause the couple return to how it was at the beginning, and the best approach for this is stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones, not be limited only to what is common. Check also tips on how to increase female libido, here.

Female erogenous zones

Foreplay are essential, but the focus is usually always in the same place, lips, breasts, buttocks and genital areas. But, there are several other erogenous areas of the female body, it is what we will see now.


Make caresses in the hair can make the most woman stay relaxed and is a way of sending signals that you want more intimacy. Some women overestimate their hair and do not like anyone touch him, if so be, stay aware of the signs of her body, but most often much appreciate the caresses.

There are thousands of receptors in the scalp, sending pleasurable sensation to the nerve endings. That way you can thoroughly enjoy the results after a head massage.


Difficult who can keep serious after a kiss on the ear, is the kind of love that makes raising the hairs from the nape. If you and the woman are in a restricted area, takes more time in that area. You can give light bites, kissing and the time is even better if you speak some praise or exciting things. After doing so, go down slowly by the neck and reach the shoulders. Yes, many do not know it, the shoulders are an important erogenous zone, so do not forget him in the preliminaries.


This is a very interesting tip, because it can be done in public places. It can be used as a warm for when you get home. The womb is between the navel and vagina. Rub slowly and gently by hand on site, until you feel your hand feel warm. It can be done over clothing, inclusive. This erogenous zone, is capable of activating that butterflies in the stomach, that may have been lost with the routine of the relationship.

Inner thigh

Being a zone near the vagina, caress this area is how to connect the button to have sex. If the woman is using a skirt or dress can also take advantage and do in public places, discreetly of course. As you drive and she is on the passenger side, for example. For be an area filled with nerve endings, may be used as a preliminary these fondling.


erogenous zones

While stroking the scalp or ears, make sure you pay attention to the neck. The neck is very sensitive, so much so that even a breath it is already able to do the whole body shiver of pleasure. Enjoy and give kisses, licks and what comes in your mind.


Many men and women feel extreme pleasure in the feet. People known as foot fetishist, know that there are certain areas on the foot that are able to leave a woman very horny. This particular area is called Do-in, it can activate the sexual organs and is easy to be found, it is right in the middle of the sole, where skin tends to be thinner and more sensitive. But not only that particular area, some caresses and blows between the toes and ankles can make the woman becomes excited and full of pleasure.

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The breasts are popularly known as one of the main erogenous areas in the female body. But what many do not know is how to stimulate them properly. He have a lot of nerve endings and is a very sensitive area for women, it is good to ask what she prefers. Normally, use the mouth and hands delicately is accepted by most women.

Massage the back

The back are full of sensitive points. You can do a sensual massage, can fill kissing or licking gently. And it’s on the way to other areas below, so it may be a good alternative after finishing kisses on the neck.

Women often feel more pleasure and have more orgasms when stimulated in different ways. Always invest in new affection and new ways to do the caring.

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