Although there’s a lot male erogenous zones, for sure, the region that generates more pleasure is in the man’s penis. Still, there are several other parts of the male body that can let him excited. These erogenous zones in the men, are not the same for everyone, so it’s good to ask the partner in what body parts he likes you fondle.

Some researchers say that man also has the famous G-spot, this place it is in the prostate. Many men claim that stimulating this area can generate a lot of pleasure. For social and education issues, many men do not leave this area to be stimulated, so a conversation to avoid embarrassment is needed.

Just as women, the men can reach orgasm when stimulated in other areas. For it, is often necessary therapy to help the man to break taboos. But usually what more help in time to explore new erogenous zones is the respect for the partner and understand that everyone thinks differently and expect different things during sex, because what may be exciting for one, it is despicable the other, that is why dialogue is so important.

Male erogenous zones

One of the tips for better sex is to stimulate the male erogenous zones. In addition to touch these regions, it is also necessary to know what is the best way to touch this area to stimulate the man to the fullest.

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Neck and Nape

Male erogenous zones

As in women, this region also causes chills in men. Invistas in kisses, light bites, and caresses witch his hands. The trick is to caress the front of the neck just below the Adam’s bone which has direct influence on the male hormones.


This area is very important and can be stimulated during foreplay in a man. The woman can start her shoulders and go down, paying attention to how the man gets excited every time the woman comes closer to the private parts. Kisses in the region of the back going toward the spine will leave very excited man.

Bottom lip

The lips are also part of the male erogenous zones. But the lower lips have a higher degree of importance by having nerve receptors more sensitive. Pass the tongue gently in this region will help the partner have good feelings of pleasure during sex.


The nipples will always be controversial, but it is a male erogenous zone that can also be exploited. Not all men who take pleasure in this part of the body, but usually most of them have no objection to receive caresses on the nipple. It is important to go slowly and test his reaction, if the reaction is positive, explore the area for best results.

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Even those men who have a serious attitude, like to receive caresses his chest. This is an area that allows a choice of touch. The woman can simply cuddle with your hand, or give kisses and licks. Also worth spending long hair to tickle him. Many men do not know the existence of certain erogenous zones on your body, help him to find out what they are. Some people who like to get out of the routine, place honey or liquid chocolate in the chest to make the hottest time. For those who prefer less dirt can experience ice cubes.

Do not confuse his chest to the belly. The belly can also be an erogenous zone, but may cause constraints in men who have a certain volume in this area. If the man claim that is overweight, let him quiet and make a sincere compliment. Compliments are always aphrodisiacs. The belly is an erogenous zone to be very close to the penis, so take advantage of the region.


The main erogenous zone of man, perhaps most of them prefer this area to be very close to the penis. After exploring all the other areas that were descristas, comes calmly in the groin and then caresses witch her nails, but always not pressing.

Use every way to make the most comfortable and relaxing time. Most of the information going to the brain, are received by the eyes, therefore, the view is a very important sense for humans get excited quickly, take the time to turn off the lights and light some candles. By placing scented candles and an exciting or relaxing music, will whet your sense of smell and hearing it.

The important thing is to create a calm and peaceful environment that allows the couple discover their erogenous zones. When you want better sexual activity, one of the first things we recommend doing is the person know your own body, this can be done during the bath, for example. For more tips on how to improve sexual activity click here.

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