A large part of the male population is not satisfied with the size of their penis, and thus, increasingly seek alternative methods for to be able to increase a few centimeters. For many, penis size is directly linked to their manhood and ability to satisfy his partner.

Besides wanting to increase the size, leaving the longest penises, many would like to leave the thicker penis, increasing the thickness. But is that really possible?

It’s possible increase the penis?

Some skeptics still do not believe this to be possible, but it is possible.


With the numerous advertisements seen on websites promising miracles, they can be a danger. Some methods are not safe, on the contrary, are dangerous and can bring permanent damage to health.

However, great the insecurity of having a small penis, but that’s no reason to despair, if the greatest concern is regarding the inability to satisfy a partner, there are other ways to improve the sexual power of men, read here: Tips for improve sexual potency of men.

How it’s possible enlarge the penis?

The process to enlarge the penis without resorting to surgery can be compared to body training process. We all have tissues which in turn has a multiplication of cells, called mitosis, when subjected to external forces. This must be done repeatedly to get results. As well as weight training, therapists use a traction force to increase the cells. For this, the penis can not stand upright because the length also occurs at this stage and not when the man is aroused.

Forcing too cell division (mitosis) can cause a bad healing, resulting in defects in the penis, so it is recommended to practice this method only once a week.

The surgery is based on cutting in this ligament that holds the base of the penis to the part where the pubic hair begins. This will make the penis become more loose, however, that is why erection may suffer loss of power. In case there is the loss of a part of the penis, it is indicated put a prosthesis.

How to thicken the penis

There is a method that has been increasing its adherents, however, is done surgically. This option the fat is removed from another part of the body, like a mini liposuction. After this fat is injected through the length of the penis and then the PMMA is injected, a product that will not be absorbed by the body. The results can be very satisfactory, reaching more than 5cm circumference, and best of all, it does not affect erection.

Risks in the increase the penis with surgical

If despair has reached the point of cogitate to have surgery, first you should not do this without considering all the factors. Surgery is not the best option for most men, you must first identify what your case and try to find alternative methods. As the price of surgery is very high and can not be in the financial reach of many.

The surgery brings not only benefits, it can have several side effects. It brings the risk that are in all the surgeries involving general anesthesia. There is also the possibility of medical errors, infections and pain.

Experts say there is no scientific basis for the most of these surgical procedures, it is unknown if the surgeries are reversible and the long term, if they will affect the ability to produce and maintain an erection. So the best way both to increase the length as to increase the thickness of the penis, it may be natural methods.

Enlarge the penis naturally

Suppose not need to go through painful methods and still achieve an excellent result. As well as the previously mentioned method consists of applying pressure to the genitals to stimulate the creation of new cells, this process can be done with help of natural supplements. Forcing the cells as much as possible and in a short time.

We’re talking about the Enlarge XXL Trio Pack of Virectil.


Together with three products that are complementary and can be used in just three steps:

  1. Dilute 20 drops daily of Enlarge XXL Drops into your drink in the morning, which is the time of day that your body is more receptive to absorbing nutrients.
  2. Consume two capsules of Enlarge XXL Caps per day will bring to the bloodstream the nutrients essential for growth.
  3. Apply a layer of gel Enlarge XXL Gel at bedtime. It will act overnight increasing the development of the penis size.

The results will be seen already in the first week, but it is recommended to continue making applications until the end of treatment. For more information visit the product website: Information about penis enlargement – VIRECTIL.

No matter the reason of their discontent, whether aesthetic, spouse pressure, lack of enjoyment of the partner or something else, now is possible to enlarge the penis naturally, safely and effectively. Do not waste time!

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