It is known that food is able to give energy, calm, contentment and health, but now can also be a source of strength for the sex life. There are many foods and liquids that can help to warm the couple’s relationship, including the pepper!

Although there is no medical proof of this miraculous property of food, there are nutrients that promote sexual stimulation. The food alone is already a big help to increase male desire, but also recommends regular exercise to generate even more health and disposition. Hay pastillas naturales que también pueden dar a un mejor rendimiento sexual. Lea más aquí: Pastillas masculinas.

Aphrodisiacs are any substances that are able to stimulate the wish for sex. There are several natural foods, that along with other properties can function as an excellent aid to improve sexual life. It is what we will consider in this article.

Foods that stimulate the sexual appetite



Are rich in zinc, which means a large increase in the production of testosterone, the male hormone that controls sex desire. It also helps sperm production and female lubrication, thereby increasing libido. The effect is the same them being raw or cooked;


Fatty fish, such as sardines, salmon and tuna are rich in omega 3. Increase blood circulation, which favoring the turn-on. Moreover, is a light food and healthy for the body, good for increasing the energy during sex.


Besides that its shape can be associated with a penis, the bananas contain vitamins essential for the formation of the sex hormones, which are potassium and vitamin B. It is also rich in magnesium and bromeliade enzyme that promotes vasodilation, which improves performance during sex and enhances male libido.

Red fruit (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry)

They possess antioxidants that increase the production of testosterone. The strawberry aroma can increase the desire for sex. Besides, the strawberry contains high levels of folic acid, which maintains a good flow of blood, improving sexual activity.


It is a source of manganese, a mineral that influences the libido of men and helps produce testosterone. It also increases the dilation of blood vessels, and improves circulation. In women increases lubrication and prolong the pleasure;


It is able to induce a number of effects in the body such as increased sweating, increased blood flow and the frequency of the heartbeat, one of the most aphrodisiac foods. Literally heats up the relationship. For men increases vasodilation in the penis and for the women helps in the vagina relaxation. Communication between the couple also increases libido, read here: Eliminate the lack of sexual desire.


Increases the production of hormones that are directly linked to sexual pleasure. Serotonin is found in chocolate, bitter preference, which generates pleasure and happiness feelings. The sweet found in chocolate can also be found in coffee, which gives more energy and libido.

Walnuts and almonds

They are able to prolong the male erection, because they increase blood circulation. They are rich in arginine, responsible for pleasure in women.


It can be considered one of the most complete foods. It has substances that increase the libido by stimulating the desire for sex, both men and women. Also can improve mood and generate self confidence. It is recommended a glass of pomegranate juice a day to boost sexual activity.


Contains Vitamin E, which increases sexual potency. Because it contains vitamin B, which increases energy, contributes to vasodilation and enhances male libido.


It increases blood circulation and have nutrients that increase libido. For being rich in molecules that prevent oxidative damage, helps in the production of testosterone. But should take care in quantity, drinking too much can cause sleep, mood swings and nausea, causing an opposite effect than expected.


Rosemary is a sexual stimulant and can be used to increase libido or lack of desire for sex, both for the man and woman. Its aroma also generates a greater desire for sex. In addition to being found easily, the tea can be prepared in a simple manner. But should not be taken by those who are hypertensive or suffer from kidney nephritis.

Vanilla ice cream

It contains calcium and phosphorus, which help in strengthening the muscles, that’s help the man take control ejaculation and produce stronger orgasms. It also increases energy and accelerates the desire for sex.


It increases the blood flow to the genitals. It is mainly indicated for men who have trouble getting to have and maintain an erection. Try to do for your partner a cinnamon tea, as even the smell of it is a sexual stimulant.

There are also natural compounds that can give a force to more quickly stimulate man. The Potenzia Spray can be applied immediately in the penis. In addition to creating a strong sexual arousal, the ejaculations will have greater power. Read more here: Spray sexual stimulant.

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