The frigidity is also known as female sexual dysfunction. This problem is quite common among women of different ages. Usually it prevents women can get sexually excited, have a satisfying orgasm or any sexual activity that brings you pleasure. Women thus are popularly called “cold”, but prefer not to use that term, and instead use the term frigidity and female sexual dysfunction.

This problem can cause difficulties in the relationship and produce a psychological burden, too heavy to load, affecting women’s health. The causes of lack of libido involve a number of aspects such as routine, work stress, concerns about the welfare of the children and financial problems may affect the decrease in female libido.

Causes of frigidity female

Not only are the psychological and social factors that affect sexual desire of women, there are also physical and hormonal factors. Unfortunately many women worsen the situation by not talk to anyone, not even your partner about it. But understanding the problem and seek a solution contributes to a significant improvement in quality of life.

Physical and hormonal problems

Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases, alcohol and drugs, may cause a decrease in female libido.

The period of menopause in the woman is less fertile and their ovaries stop functioning as before. The ovaries are responsible for hormones that excite the woman and without these hormones the sexual desire drops dramatically.

During menstruation the sexual desire may be higher due to increased blood flow, and therefore the women are more likely to reach orgasm. This heightened excitement continues until a week after menstruation.

However, in the period before menstruation, the appetite for sex suffers a big drop, and the woman can hardly reach orgasm, especially in women where the pre menstrual tension is higher. It may be best avoid having sex during this period.

Contraceptives can also reduce sexual desire, because of the direct influence on female hormones. The same happens when a woman uses of medication for depression.

Psychological and social problems

A large proportion of women have low self-esteem. By having a high self-critical about your body, begin to have misconceptions comparison, interfering with sexual activity. The effects comparing with another woman, who is apparently better than you, can be devastating, so you may need to talk to a psychologist to expose how you feels about her body so try and retrain the brain so it does not compare with others.

When anxiety is excessive and begins to compromise the couple’s relationship you may also need to talk to an expert in the area to assess what is causing the anxiety or insecurity and thus be able to help in a fuller way.

Often the way a woman was created in society can eventually affect your libido. Guilt can leave her too apprehensive regarding sex, preventing the pleasure.

Diagnosis of frigidity female

For a health professional can identify the cause of female impotence, is necessary that the woman tell the doctor the reason for his annoyance over the lack of desire. Thus, the doctor can determine if the lack of desire is for a medical condition in health or if there was a psychological trauma that prevents a woman to feel pleasure in sexual activity.

Treatment for frigidity female



In the old days, it was common inject testosterone in the women, so the female desire was greatly increased. However, it was noted that a beard began to grow in women and also realized that the voice was getting thicker, growing similarity from them with men, which made the use of testosterone not a very nice practice.

If the cause is psychological, the couple can try to talk openly about it and it’s likely that a lot of the problem is resolved, to see the importance of dialogue in the relationship read this article: The importance of dialogue in the relationship.

Another method to decrease frigidity, among many other existing, is the woman to know her body until feel comfortable with herself. Some women may feel uncomfortable in doing this, because they think it strange explore your body, especially in the vagina region. But in doing this, the woman can discover what likes during sex and will be able to feel pleasurable sensations.

Natural and effective method

Practice exercises, eating healthy and have good nights sleep can increase self-esteem and this will increase female desire. Quit habits like smoking and drinking are essential for woman get a better result.

There are several home remedies that are simple and can help increase female libido. Ginger, for example, increases blood circulation in the inner members and automatically boosts libido. For know other foods that increase the libido, read the article: The magic that exists in foods that stimulate appetite for sex.

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