At the time of sex, some men ejaculate little sperm. This can hinder the relationship if the partner wants to become pregnant, or just have more pleasure in sex. It is important to consult a doctor so that he can give technical details about your case in particular, but there tips to help increase volume of ejaculation.

The amount of sperm expelled during a sexual intercourse, varies according to each person and also varies according to the type of relationship. More and more men seek help to increase sperm volume.

How to increase sperm volume

It is important to know that to increase sperm volume is necessary to have a healthy body and mind. Playing sports or even have a walk can help. If the goal is to impregnate his partner, it’s best to quit smoking and drinking alcohol in large quantities.

The underwear is also linked to decreased sperm. For that the sperm be healthy, he can not be constantly heat, especially when the testicles are pressed against the man’s body. So give preference to the boxer briefs.

Take plenty of water

The sperm comprises volume of 95% water, that is why drink water per day and always keep the body well hydrated is fundamental. Dehydration can negatively affect your sexual performance. The amount of water which must be consumed each day in order to have an increase in sperm count, should be at least 8-10 glasses during the day. You can add fruit to diversify the flavors. Care should be taken when ingesting soda and coffee, both cause dehydration.

Avoid having sex

Every day the human body produces a limited amount of sperm. If man can hold a few days without having sex, the sperm volume will increase in the next intercourse. Only 2 or 3 days is enough to note that difference in the amount and potency of sperm expelled in next intercourse. This also applies to the habit of masturbation. The body takes some time to produce semen, so stay a few days without sex or without masturbating can increase sperm reserves. However if the man go too long without sex or masturbate, the produced semen will get old and the volume will not increase after a certain time, so it’s good to keep the balance.

Food can increase sperm volume

The consumption of some foods can help increase sperm volume. Keep in your diet many carbohydrates and proteins, because they increase the volume of semen. Reduce or even eliminate processed foods and replace by vegetables and whole grains will bring benefits to your health and consequently for your sperm. The foods can also increase the desire for sex. Read the article: The magic that exists in foods that stimulate the appetite for sex.


It can be found in meat, beans, oysters and chicken. By increasing testosterone levels man, zinc has the ability to increase sperm volume also.

Folic acid

A great help to increase sperm volume and and it’s easy to find. Folic acid is present in cereals, in green vegetables, vegetables and delicious orange juice. Add this vitamin in their diet will cause the sperm volume increase much.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Because it contains vitamin D, spend some time in the sun can help to increase the amount of semen, but care must be taken when doing this, always watching the best times and passing sunscreen. The calcium present in the yoghurt, skimmed milk and salmon, will help in sperm health.


Garlic can naturally increase sperm production. Because it contains allicin, it improves blood circulation and the resistance of sperm. Just add the garlic at lunch or dinner to have good results.

Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that increase fertility and health of sperm. It also increases their mobility, making it easy the fertilization. But should consume only one or two cups a day, if the dose is too high, the effect may be contrary to what is expected.

Natural supplements

increase-sperm- volume

To achieve the goal faster, the better alternative is to make use of natural supplements. But amid so many advertisements and suspicious sites, how to know which is the supplement that will really help? The best thing to do is to choose a site that is safe, has merits and most importantly, the main ingredients need to be natural.

Therefore, we recommend the products of site Virectil, specifically the SpermaxX Caps, click here for more information. It is indicated for increasing sperm and your results are quick, safe and effective . It is a 100% natural supplement, that in addition to increasing the volume of sperm, also increases the time of ejaculation, providing great moments of pleasure. There are many other benefits of increased sperm production, you will experience a longer orgasms.

To learn more about how to increase ejaculation read the article with some incredible steps: Increase ejaculation.

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