What is Pau de Cabinda

Pau de Cabinda is a powerful plant used a long time by Angolans, as a male and female aphrodisiac, being even better than Viagra. Doctors and experts in the field, report that it works and helps a man to have more firm and lasting erections.

Pau de Cabinda is originally from Africa and has long been used to enhance sexual intercourse. This plant is one of the few that has its scientifically proven effects, that is, it really works to combat impotence and erectile dysfunction. Researchers in the field, say that the products containing the substances Pau Cabinda, are the ones with proven results. Other medicines are just placebo near that plant. That is, they say the product will solve your problem, but in fact has proven nothing that will happen.

The people who previously suffered a lot by not having an active sex life, started to use the Pau de Cabinda and noticed a great improvement in their sexual power, stating that they felt so active and ready for sex as they felt when they were teenagers and were at their peak their sexual potency.

Serving as a:

Powerful Aphrodisiac: Pau de Cabinda can help people who want to combat the problem of sexual impotence and low desire for sex. Both men and women.
Stimulating and invigorating: Very useful for other types of sexual dysfunction, when the person loses energy and no has sex desire.
Female Aphrodisiac: Widely used by women who suffer from a lack of sexual desire or sexual libido.

Drink aphrodisiac

The aphrodisiac drinks are very fashionable nowadays, because, mainly they can be found at parties, bars and even in fairs whose theme is medicine. Pau de Cabinda can also become an aphrodisiac drink.

Some people like to mix it with whiskey or liquor of any flavor. The effect will be the same or even better, because alcohol acts as a vasodilator and can get all the properties of the plant, especially if staying a few days in standby mode before being consumed. But it is important to take care with the possible intoxication, it can lead you to take large doses unconsciously.

Even if these drinks are usually consumed at parties and moments of relaxation, it is important to consider some safety aspects. When aphrodisiac drinks with alcohol is consumed, it is of real importance not exaggerate doses, because excess alcohol alters the blood circulation and blood pressure. So you should not eat Pau de Cabinda more than the recommended and permitted daily limit.


The Tea of Pau de Cabinda is made from the bark of the tree that has the same name, which is commonly found in Angola, in the forests of Cabinda. The authentic Pau Cabinda has an almost immediate effect and acts in the system of men and women as a potent aphrodisiac, stimulating and invigorating.

Obviously the bark which is necessary to make tea is difficult to be found elsewhere. But this is no reason to despair, it can be purchased in a safe and fully effective. See how.

Where to buy the Pau de Cabinda


After reading about the wonders that Pau de Cabinda can do for your sex life, you might be wondering where you can find this potent aphrodisiac. A completely safe and effective way you can buy the Pau de Cabinda is by the Virectil site.

It is made 100% on the basis of the real Pau Cabinda which originates from Africa, with a high standard of quality and commitment to the customer, providing a great improvement you want in your sex life.

Pau de Cabinda should be taken thirty or forty minutes before intercourse, but if your goal is to increase the energy in cases of low sex drive or erectile dysfunction, you can take daily. After the beginning of treatment you will feel a big change in your sex life and this change will be for the best.

As you can read more in the company website, the Pau de Cabinda is used as a powerful aphrodisiac and can be used by men and women. Capsules with Pau de Cabinda concentrate, will make man have strong erections and women have strong orgasms. In addition to improving blood circulation, treat frigidity, improve sexual performance and increase self-esteem.

Not is recommended for children under 18 and people suffering from hypersensitivity to any component present in the composition, and people with cardiovascular disease. It should also not be taken more than the recommended daily dose. More information and how to buy this product by clicking here.

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