The lack of sexual desire or low libido affects men and women, this problem can jeopardize the relationship. For women, however, it is more common, about 48.5% of women seek medical help because of sexual dysfunction, according to recent studies by the State Health Department of São Paulo through from Cresex (acronym for Center for Reference and specializing in Sexology) from health referral hospital Pearl Byington.

To eliminate the lack of sexual desire is necessary to understand that in addition to hormonal balance, there are other factors that influence libido, for example, the emotional state, stress, worries at work, the lack of dialogue in relationship and health problems. In this article, we consider four simple tips for you to eliminate the lack of sexual desire.

1. Communication between the couple increases libido

Communication is essential for any relationship to succeed. The woman tends to be more emotional than men are and this transpires in their sexual appetite. This is why the conversation reflects great importance on female desire. How much more effective communication of a couple, the greater the probability of each spouse feel safe. It is important to express your feelings and expose problems so that the two will find solutions for them together.

Tell your partner what you like during sex and propose different positions, this is needed in any open communication.

If at couple’s privacy you cannot relax or do not feel comfortable to argue about this questions, suggest a movie spicy, not necessarily erotic, can boost your libido and encourage you try new things during sex.

Films that help increase libido or desire

Movies together, depending on the couple, can spice things up and increase sexual desire


2. Escape the traditional

Get away from the traditional sex can be a great way to increase the libido of both partners. Propose to his partner a romantic bath and ask him to excite you through touch. According to sexologist Carla Cecarello, having sex while showering is a practice that stimulates lust and arouses the partner because it is not something common. However, be careful, for not having error see what needs to be taken into account when sharing the shower, see here.

Speaking to US magazine Women’s Health, the sexologist Emily Morse, says that expand their sexual experiences by having sex outside the bedroom can bring you closer to your partner. So something cliché, how to have sex in the car or in the lift, as something more risky, like having sex on the balcony or in the yard, anything for not to fall into routine, try to spice things up a bit.

3. Kisses increase sexual desire

Kisses can play libido upstairs. Second indicates the specialist in sexology Krista Bloom, in his book The Ultimate Compatibility Quiz, in our tongue there are thousands of nerve endings that can increase desire. And the expert William Cane says what kiss on the neck are a road to another dimension, especially in women this effect is much larger. As result, bet on displays of affection by kissing during the day and something deeper during sex will certainly make things heat up in bed.

4. Foods that help increase libido

Foods help increase libido

There are aphrodisiac foods that help increase libido

Food or aphrodisiacs condiments can be entered during meals of the day-to-day to further increase libido and help release the sexual appetite. The nutritionist Liliane Oppermann states that such foods can exert different effect on the metabolism, they increase the blood flow and thus operate directly on the central nervous system and change libido. Beyond of this foods help help in the creation of sex hormones, they incite the sensitivity at the time of pleasure, which aids in vaginal lubrication and increases the duration of erection.

However, do not just consume too much food but the right kind of food. We will list some easy food to find and that will spice up your relationship.

  • Egg: The egg is considered the second best food for humans, standing behind only breast milk. It is essential source of protein, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6. These substances help to balance hormone levels and fight stress, playing a key role in maintaining libido;
  • Fig: The fig is another good option that helps increase sexual appetite. Rich in substances that are known to develop sexual appetite, acts supplying amino acid in the body, since the lack of them can cause low energy levels and consequently sexual desire decreases;
  • Banana: rich in magnesium, provides dilation of blood vessels, which improves sexual performance;
  • Pepper: Besides increasing blood circulation and heart rate, they stimulate genitals generating a sense of excitement;
  • Chocolate: Chocolate is made up of materials that stimulate the body to produce serotonin, a hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure and joy. The more bitter, the better;
  • Oats and whole grains: The grain increases the degree of testosterone and L-arginine, one of the primary components for treatments such as erectile dysfunction;
  • Peanut: Rich in vitamin E, it intensifies the increased energy and instigates sexual appetite;
  • Cinnamon: Tones the body, increases blood circulation and stimulates the desire;
  • Red wine: In Italy, recent research from the University of Florence, says there may be something in common between moderate consumption of alcohol and increasing the female libido.

Though it lacks scientific evidence on the theory that foods have the power to increase sexual desire, it is understood that some of them contain nutrients that act to the best sexual performance and fertility. The foods listed above can be added into your daily diet for best results.


It is known that men and women are obviously different in terms of sex. The listed tips can be put into practice separately to take effect, but for optimal effect can put them all in place at once. For example, you can surprise the one you love, taking some aphrodisiac foods at the end of the day and go somewhere private to leave the routine, or even stay in the car. On the way, take the opportunity to have a conversation about what you want during sex and ask what your company want. After tasting the chocolates and wine, start caresses, remember that kisses on the neck are an excellent idea to increase sexual desire. In addition, the main, have fun!

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