To understand what orgasms are and how you can best appreciate them, it is useful to understand what they are not. Chances are you’ve been exposed to all sorts of myths about sex and orgasm since you were a child.

These myths may have caused a lot of pain and confusion for some people. It is usually said to the children not to touch their genitals because they are dirty. This can leave marks on the person’s life.

Getting rid of any belief or attitude that limits the orgasm is actually the first step on your way to enriching experiences. If a belief is rooted or embedded in your psyche, it may take some time to undo it.

However, all the effort is a journey worth. Here are some common myths that may be limiting your pleasure in some way.

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Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #1 – Penetration is the only way to orgasms

The truth is that have a many ways to get an orgasm. Men and women can enjoy orgasms to engage in various types of sexual behavior.

There is no proven way which can claim to be better or more appropriate to achieve orgasm. Many think that vaginal penetration is the orgasm guarantee, but this is a myth.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #2 – The orgasm may last only a few seconds

There are many different types of orgasms and orgasmic experiences that vary in intensity and duration. Some states and orgasmic experiences can last much longer than a few seconds.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #3 – Orgasms should be long

Every orgasm has the potential to be significant and pleasant, regardless of its intensity. Some are mild, some are quiet, some are short, some are deep, some are high and some are long. Big or small, each should be considered a gift.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #4 – Women can not have as many orgasms as men


It is true that women often have a more difficult time to find your way to orgasm, at least in the beginning. However, once they find de way, the access to multiple orgasms is much higher than men. In fact, women in general are able to have more orgasms than men.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #5 – Clitoral orgasm is less than vaginal orgasms

There is no such thing as an immature or less orgasm. The quality of your orgasm is not just a factor of how you are being stimulated. In fact, the intensity of the orgasm is more a factor of how you are open to receive pleasure in whatever form it is administered.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #6 – Orgasms are the goal of sex

As incredible as the orgasm, there is no reason why sex has to include orgasmic release. Sex can be very nice, ecstatic, and meaningful, without end with an orgasm.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #7 – Orgasm in men are always accompanied by ejaculation

Men are able to have an orgasm without ejaculation. Some people learn to control orgasm and ejaculation be separated. Everyone can learn it with practice.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #8 – If you are a man, orgasm with ejaculation will deplete your energy

There are some belief systems that say that the energy and life of a man is exhausted when he ejaculates. Some men may find this to be true, but there are many men who ejaculate frequently do not think it depletes your energy in any way. In fact, some men find it gives more energy.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #9 – If you masturbate, you will lose the desire or interest in being with a lover

Just because you are able to satisfy themselves with orgasms does not mean that you will lose interest in being with a lover. The need for intimacy and connection with another can not be satisfied to be alone. Also orgasmic experience with a lover can be a very different experience than what you experience when you are alone.

Orgasms – 10 Myths about them #10 – A man is responsible for helping a woman achieve orgasm

Some men feel guilty if they fail to provide a female orgasm for his wife. Since the women’s orgasmic responses are as unique and complex, it is important that they finally take responsibility for her own orgasm. His desire and willingness to learn to help provide an orgasm should be appreciated, but not expected.

Do not believe everything you hear or read, especially when it comes to sex and orgasm. Many myths are generated and perpetuated by people with little experience or knowledge of orgasm.

Other myths stem from cultural mores about sex and appropriate sexual behavior. If you want to free your sexuality, you should first free your mind from these limiting and false beliefs.

Many myths survive in part due to the great discomfort that people have about talking about sex in a frank and open manner. So the more you can open your mind and speak freely about their experiences, more myths about sex will end.

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