Everything that affects the quality of sex should receive attention, as much things that can improve sex life, as much things may get worse. And the sexual impotence is definitely one of those things that makes it worse the sexual life and although nobody likes to talk about it, it is necessary.

As well commented in another article, many men are affected by this problem, which is the inability to maintain an erection. At some point in his life, most men have passed sad situations because of this problem.

But the problems are there to be solved and this problem is no different.

Causes of impotence sexual

There are the organic causes that can be perceived through physical examination. If the problem can not be identified through a physical exam, probably the cause of the problem is psychological, which can not be identified through a exam.

Organic causes may result from medical conditions, lifestyle and inappropriate medications taken by the patient. Psychological causes can be because of anxiety, stress, guilt, depression and some fear related to sex.

Treatment for impotence

For sedentary and smoking people, the solution for impotency can quit smoking and start exercising.

For people in general, the use of vitamins and minerals have been highly recommended to combat this problem and there are also natural ingredients used during daily diet that can help a lot in the treatment to eliminate sexual impotence. Are they:


It can be consumed three cloves of garlic during meals.


The onion leaves the strongest reproductive organs, and it is also considered an excellent natural aphrodisiac. You can use onion as tea. However, adding the onion in the meals, may have a more pleasing effect.


Fifteen grams of asparagus boiled in a cup of milk and consume twice a day, are used to produce and maintain an erection


In addition to controlling ejaculation, the ginger has stimulating effect. It can be taken half a teaspoon of the juice overnight at least one month.

Homemade syrup for impotence

A good remedy to eliminate sexual impotence can be easily done at home, with the mint leaves base, honey, guarana and ginseng powder. The ingredients are readily available, so it’s good to always have it at home for when the need arises to use them.


1 teaspoon mint leaves

1 cup honey and a half

1 tablespoon powdered guarana

1 tablespoon powdered ginseng

Method of preparation

In a bowl, mash the mint leaves and then add honey, guarana powder and ginseng powder. Let the mixture sit for 15 hours in a cool, airy place. Sift and drink a spoonful in the morning.

This mixture is an energy that will help the patient to have more provision in sexual intercourse. And for having ginger, it improves blood circulation, which increases penile erection in men, and in the women increases sexual desire.

People who have diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, and gastric ulcer is best not to consume this mixture.

Treatment better and faster


The oral drugs are a great option for those who want to eliminate the problem of impotence quickly. Their effects may be noted in a matter of minutes, and last for several hours.

For those who have trouble consult a doctor, a good option is to buy supplements online, so the site of Virectil is equipped to meet all requirements.

To be natural products, you’ll never have to worry about this problem and will finally be able to enjoy quality time in bed.


Virectil Turbo Man

A natural aphrodisiac that besides being used to treat sexual impotence is highly recommended to enhance sexual desire. It is one of the most sought after products because their effect is observed quickly, its effect starts in half an hour and soon arrives at its peak.

If there is an external stimulus, the effect can be noticed even 72 hours after taking the first capsule.

By having an excellent natural composition it increases libido, increases confidence and sexual stimulation, and provide more rigid and prolonged erections.

Spanish Fly Black Aphrodisiac Drops 

In liquid format, the Spanish Fly Black Drops has a 100% natural formula and is a very potent aphrodisiac for both men and women.

It can be mixed into other drinks and is a safe aphrodisiac, has a revolutionary formula for making the same effect on both sexes, creating an uncontrollable urge, being unisex the partners can take the same drink.

In addition to improving sexual potency it promotes great desire and is highly recommended for people tired because of the chores of everyday life, people in old age, etc.

If symptoms persist is very important to seek your doctor for information, the internet does not replace the advice of someone professional.

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