There is no secret in how things unfold sexually, today, more than ever, the media through their movies, music and series, become increasingly more explicit the sex.

But know how to have sex is one thing, knowing how to do well is another. So in this article we will list several tips to help improve your sex life.

First it is very important to understand that sex should not be perfect, it should be fun. When do not expect perfection the couple begin to understand that everything is possible, are looser and if something out of the planned happen, this will not take away their joy.

1. Reverse the roles

One way is to not fall into the routine. Normally you get underneath and goes in the momentum of your partner? Switch places and command the pace things are going to happen. This will make it less routine sex and both the man and the woman will feel more confident.

If you want to try something new in bed, suggest to your partner. The result can be efficient and pleasurable.

2. Fantasies can improve sex life

Know what pleases your partner is half way to having an unforgettable sex. Dress up as he wishes is what will complete. Remember that both have desires and fantasies, then it is not loving being selfish, and not return to partner the desire he has, fantasizing is the way he wants.

The important thing is not to become bogged down stereotypes and get loose, turning into nurse, teacher, dancer. This also applies to men, women secretly has his fantasies, then ask her what she wants and make their fancy.

If you do not want to dress, the woman can do a dance to seduce the man or so a streap tease goes well to make even better sex.


3. Penis size is very important

Much has been debate on the issue of penis size, some say that size does not matter, but it is an indisputable fact that between a man with big penis and a man with a small penis, the woman will choose the bigger. If you think you need to increase the size of your penis see how this can be done here.

It is clear that it is no use having a good instrument if you do not know how to use it, it is worth remembering that when both have equivalent bodies, sex will become even better.

4. Foreplay

To let the couple in the mood, foreplay is essential. They can leave more relaxed couple and make the most fun time. The duration of foreplay is different for each type of couple, it is usually the woman who defines the time to stop the preliminaries and go to serious business.

When you are at work or doing something else, send messages and pictures to your partner, so foreplay already beginning to heat things up. The kiss is also important, through it can be transmitted to your partner what is the size of her desire for him.

It is worth mentioning that women also like a quickie, that means not always women need foreplay.

5. Have sex in different places

Enjoy when traveling to have sex in different places, like in the beach, in the woods, in the car (Be careful when doing this in a public place as it is crime). Do not be afraid to innovate in the positions, so as in new places.

Places where you can be picked up by someone else, transform the sex even more delicious. Can be in the office desk, or even on the elevator, or in the parking lot.

A good sexual relationship can happen anywhere, but if you have candles and a good aroma can make this moment even more memorable. Do not bother to invest both in decor, this is not the most important, because when there is much information on the ambience, the trend it is cause anxiety. Bet on simple and effective.

6. Menu to spice things up in bed

Select food for the occasion, will give you a chance to make the special moment and both will have to repeat the dose. For example, the soft texture of the chocolate is good to make the kiss even more delicious.

Final tips

The most important during sex is to respect the partner and demand respect too. Do not do things you do not want and always make it clear that your ‘no’ means ‘no’. When the limits are set, the relationship becomes natural and pleasurable for both. Always use a condom!

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