Even without much time to spare as they would like, women still manage to take a moment to pamper yourself. Unlike, the men that even taking time, prefer to invest that time into other things, least in intimate care.

It’s not just women who need to take care of your personal hygiene to prevent disease, men also need to take some precautions. Poor hygiene can cause infections, and in severe cases, even penile cancer, so it is worth checking out the tips that follow this article.

Care with intimate hygiene

The intimate hygiene is essential for man health and is also a decisive factor to have a good relation sexual. Just as, it is essential that women take care of their hygiene. Read here.

Bathing daily is very important, but it is not enough to have good hygiene. However, it is not very difficult to maintain the updated hygiene, just follow a few simple procedures and very important.

Wash hands

As obvious as it may seem the need to wash hands after urinating, many men do not do. But even more important than washing hands after urinating, is to do this before urinating. Yes, this is fundamental to the germs not contaminate the intimate area.

If some men forget to do this after urinating, make a habit of washing hands before urinating, it will be a bit harder to get used, but the more you do it, the more it becomes automatic. It is important to remember that it is a valid measure to avoid future illnesses.

Dry the penis is essential for intimate health

For more practical than it seems, men do not need to sit on the toilet to urinate and not need toilet paper after, this is recommended. It has to dry his penis to prevent moisture in the area, because if it gets wet in the region may arise fungi.

Moreover, drying the penis after urination prevents become urine residues remain in the underwear, because when the waste found in skin, may cause infection by fungi, and further drops in underwear can generate a bad smell causing discomfort for everyone back.

Intimate hygiene at bath time

As simple as it may seem wash the penis while bathing, this is not a job that most men do properly. When bathing, the penis must have greater attention because they involve some important steps so that it is completely clean.

At bath time, can use a specific intimate soap. If not a male soap, feminine serves. In sequence, the man should wash all parts, folds and the glans penis. Who else understands the subject, recommends make lather and leave it while other body parts are washed.

If you have any sensitive area or some injured in the penis, it is useful to opt for antiseptic soap, which along the prescribed medicine will help in faster recovery.

Personal hygiene after intercourse

No need to go immediately wash the penis after sexual intercourse, but it is important to do this eventually. Having that care will help remove semen debris and lubricant, as this waste can become an excellent environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Male depilation

Remove completely the hair intimate make the sensitive skin and could pave the way for the emergence of skin infection and inflammation. As the hair is to protect our body, the hair in the genital area, has the same function. But keep the trimmed can be very useful for hygiene and help do this not create a bad smell in the place, and prevent moisture.

A poor hygiene may be what is causing impotence, see here the cause of impotence and how to solve.


intimate health men

Choose the underwear, may be more important than you might think. When choosing which one to choose underwear, give preference to boxer shorts style, they do not tighten both the scrotum. In addition to the comfort provided, they help to a better blood circulation and better ventilation to avoiding moisture.

If you want to not use boxer shorts, cotton underwear also allow better ventilation on site.

Consequences of poor hygiene intimate

In addition to the aforementioned fungal infections, the lack of hygiene can increase the risk of emergence of penile cancer. Although rare, this cancer can lead to limb amputation and even to death, if not treated.

More common, is the appearance of balanitis, an inflammation of the glans. The main symptoms are itching, burning, and even pain. These health problems are unknown by many men, but as we have seen, it is important the men take time to care for yourself and learn more about your body. For example, not many know that it is possible to enlarge the penis, but here’s how this is possible naturally.

Besides the lack of personal hygiene cause problems for human health, it can also harm the health of their sexual partners. Because of the genitals of women inner being, women are more vulnerable to fungus and bacteria, another reason for men to worry about their intimate health.

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