We live in times that the woman managed to deservedly hold his own in the labor market, so the time to stay at home is reduced, leaving less time for take care intimate health.

As we will see in this article, you can combine a workday and maintain healthy intimate health and also comfortable, enabling women can do their daily tasks no worries and discomfort.

Women’s intimate hygiene

To avoid strong odor, itching, redness, burning and infections is necessary that the woman take care of personal hygiene every day. This is so important that it can even affect sexual desire of women. See 4 Tips to eliminate the lack of sexual desire.

If the routine does not allow much time left, she can carry special wipes for intimate region and use when needed.

The chosen soap is very important. Since the vagina has to keep its balanced pH, is recommended to choose soaps made especially for intimate hygiene.

Even more important than the choice of product, should be mode as is done hygiene of the vagina and vulva. The woman should keep in mind that the vulva is the exterior, which can see, and the vagina is the inner region. Put water and soap internally can lead to problems, that is why only the vulva can be washed, the vagina is not recommended.

The alimentation is also related to intimate health, see the magic that exists in food.


The excess of hygiene can also be detrimental. No need take a long time to wash the vaginal area, about three minutes are sufficient, more than that can cause other problems such as vaginal dryness.

Unwanted odors in the intimate region

The intimate odor ceases to be natural when change the color to yellow and causes itching, pain and burning. In this case it is better seek medical help to detect infection and treat as soon as possible.

Very tight clothes, such as jeans, let the genital area without breathing, aggravating the possibility of having strong odor and let the area more conducive to the creation of fungi that can cause disease. The ideal is to use lighter and loose clothes, cotton underwear are the most recommended, they leave the intimate area ventilated. If you can not use lighter clothing, is good not exceed the time wearing that outfit.

Whenever possible it is recommended to sleep without underwear and wear skirts and dresses to facilitate ventilation in the region.

Intimate shaving

The intimate waxing is a common practice among women, especially in tropical regions, where the heat is highest. To avoid concerns is good to take some care when depilate of the intimate area.

It is advised not remove the hair near the vaginal area, because they protect the vagina to contract bacteria. Is highly recommended do not use razor blades, they leave a very sensitive area and open to receive bacteria and cause infections.

Instead of blades the best way to depilate it is with hot wax. Maintain regularity in hair removal make their more weaker, taking longer to grow.

Intimate health in the period of menstruation

The pH of the intimate region undergoes a change when a woman is menstruating, can also generate a smell that bothers. Therefore, to maintain intimate health during this period is necessary to regularly change the absorbent, to the vagina does not get moist.

Tampons should be used only as a last resource, because they leave the vagina more susceptible to bacteria and infections. It is important change the tampon, at least, every 6 hours and the absorbent every 4 hours, depending on the flow. After this time, the absorbent becomes a proper environment for the birth of fungi and bacteria. If the flow is intense, the exchange of the absorbents it can happen each hour, or more.

Warning Signs

When the woman notices that something is not normal in your body, she must remain alert. For example, if a woman notices a big change in the period, as the interval, the intensity and duration of flow, she need to keep cautious. Changes in women’s intimate health can affect your relationship, so see how to eliminate the frigidity feminine.

The vaginal discharge is normal in every woman, but sudden changes in color and smell can indicate a problem in the region. If the secretion cause burning, itching and discomfort, may be evidence of discharge, which in turn is a sign of infection, bacteria or viruses. For this reason, it must pay constant attention to any change in vaginal discharge.

Itching in the intimate region can be an allergy, infection or even a sexually transmitted disease. The appearance of vaginal discharge can be a normal thing, but the itch is never normal. So, if you notice some of these changes in the inner region is good to seek medical care.

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