How to get a girlfriend involves many different things. However, developing the art of conversation is the main. Having a good conversation, flirting with a girl and at the same time build sexual chemistry between you is the goal.

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How to get a girlfriend #1 – What not to do

In the first conversation most men make several routine questions, it seems more an interview. They are the most common basic questions, “What is your name?, Where do you work?”

You are not creating sexual chemistry and is ruining any chance you might have had. The goal is to make you stand out from other guys and not one of them. You have no interest in their work, friends or hobbies. Of course, maybe in the long run, you’ll need to know it.

So the purpose of this article is to teach full interaction. You will be able to create a fantasy land for you and the target. In this land, you will have fun, escape from reality, know each other and build sexual chemistry.

How to get a girlfriend #2 – Interpreting roles

When you find a girl, her defenses are on alert. Sure, you could keep talking to her and slowly gain her trust over an extended period of time, but it can be done more quickly.

Usually when someone is wearing sunglasses feels he has an impenetrable mask. This person feels he can do anything. This is the same idea when interpreting roles. It allows the woman’s escape to a fantasy world where she can lower your guard and let you in.

The crazier the story better. Let’s take an example. You tell her, “I like you. I’ll make you my girlfriend.” Ready. Now you have it playing the role of his girlfriend, you can begin to act on it the rest of the night.

Be creative, tell everyone that you two are celebrating their sixth month anniversary. Make elaborate stories. Just do not overdo it. It is important to make every playful and unthreatening move. If she wants more, she’ll let you know.

How to get a girlfriend #3 – Storytelling

Storytelling is another way to meet someone. A lot of guys approach a girl and then start the conversation with questions and answers. If you tell stories you can accomplish the same thing, but without the same old questions she hears from each individual who approaches her.

Any story is good, but tell something that gives information about you, something real. Let’s take an example. Maybe you start talking vacation. She tells stories about your holiday and you tell me about when you went to another country or on a cruise.

You begin to know each other. Remember, you are telling stories in an effort to find out about it, and to make her feel comfortable with you and let your guard down.

How to get a girlfriend #4 – Questions and answers

Question and answer is the worst kind of conversation you might have with a woman. There is nothing wrong with questions and answers, but it’s extremely annoying. It’s the same thing every other guy does. “What’s your name, where you are, what you do, what school you go to?”

The problem is that it seems that you have a script. Often you ask a question and is busy thinking about what the next question will be, you’re not even listening to what she is saying. Also, if you ask too many questions, it sounds a lot like a job interview and she’ll get bored with you and lose interest.

It’s good to just one question, maybe two, just to give something to start playing a role, and go to storytelling. It’s a question to begin or to transition from one story to the next.

How to get a girlfriend #5 – Comments negative


Negative comments are very powerful if used correctly. Are comments directed to a woman who appears to be good enough on the surface. For example, tell a girl she remembers your little sister. We have all heard the saying before, “You are like a brother to me.”

We all know how much is bad to hear that. Say to the woman, she reminds us of our little sister is essentially saying that it is immature and you’re not attracted to her.

She will want to prove to you that she is not immature. She will do everything they can to gain their approval. You’re not another random guy, you are someone of interest.
The negative comment that gives more results is: “You’re a very attractive girl, but you’re just not the type of girl I usually go out.”

The reaction you will get is amazing. She will take it as a challenge. Here is a girl who has received praise throughout the night for all the other guys and you’re the idiot who says she’s not your type.

You have established sexual chemistry with her. Negative comments are for this, you leave an insecure woman about something, and then she does whatever it takes to change your mind. The problem is that most of the negative comments only work in really insecure women.

You’re basically trying to overthrow an already insecure person and making her feel worse about herself. But there is other ways to win a woman, go

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