At the first dates, you need to know “seal the deal”. No use a man to build sexual chemistry all night through body language and play, if in time to go home, he goes home empty-handed, without the girl, without a kiss goodbye and without a phone number.

The ability to close the night is what separates a novice of a real man. Fear of rejection or fear that she did not feel attraction in the same way, are extreme, but can happen. So pay attention to these tips.

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First dates #1 – Types of closures

The closure has a different meaning for each person. There are four different types of closures. You can wind up with a phone number, a kiss, sex or a long-term relationship. Which one will you use it is up to you to decide.

Some guys want to have a full schedule of numbers and are content with nothing more than a phone number. Other guys like to go out with girls as much they can. Others, gauge their success on the number of sexual conquests.

His personal goal, will dictate the kind of perfect closing for you. The combination of all four types also is an option.

First dates #2 – Ending with the phone number

Close with the phone number is nothing more than get the number of that person you invested overnight. Getting a phone number is easy. All you need to do is ask.

The best way to get a number is to ask her directly. You can say something like, “I enjoyed talking with you, can I get your number?”. If she does not want to give her number, get up and go away. There is nothing more to do. Say: “It was nice to meet you.” Or she will call you, not wanting you to leave, and will give your number; Or she will let you go, saving time spent in talking to a woman who will not lead you anywhere.

First dates #3 – Closing with kiss

Usually this involves a deeper connection than it would take to get the phone number. A kiss may be innocent, intimate, or love, depending on the sexual chemistry level you built overnight.

Just be straightforward, tell her in a low voice. “I want to kiss you now” If she hesitate, move your face very close to hers, but without touching. Take a last look at her. If your eyes are closed and the lips are parted, you have her approval.

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If she move her head back, you better not get on with the kiss. No have a perfect time for kiss, it does not work like in the movies. However, it is very easy to create a moment. Take her by the hand. Look into her eyes and pull the hand toward you. Then kiss. It’s that easy. You can do this anywhere. You just created the moment. However, if her impose a barrier, not exceeding.

First dates #4 – Closing in bed

The third type of closure is sleeping with the person you invested time. How to achieve this? It all starts with physical contact. The faster break the touch barrier, the faster we go to the kiss.

Once you combine the kisses with sexual chemistry, there is a great chance to have sex that night. Not because her is easy. It’s because you have developed a deep connection with her. During the rest of the night, this connection will only deepen, and she’ll feel like you’ve known you forever. It’s all about making a woman feel comfortable with you on an intimate level.

Always move constantly advancing, and all the time increasing her excitement. Again, if she says no to you, respect her, no is no.

First dates #5 – Closing with a relationship

Starting a relationship is easy, just keep your expectations in open and be honest. Of the four types of closing, the phone number is the most important. It is the only sure to get something more at a later date.

If your goal is to have a relationship, then you should start getting the phone number of her. Getting a kiss at the next meeting and then after a few more dates, you may decide to have an exclusive relationship with her.

Sex is not a determining factor, to have a relationship or not. If your main goal is to have sex with the girl and nothing else, you can skip the step of picking up a phone number and start with a kiss.

The kiss will move things and eventually lead you to the sex. You can not go directly to the end with sex without a kiss or end a relationship without getting a phone number.

If you do not plan to do any of these closures, you should not even start investing in someone first. More tips on:

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