To be an alpha male, or a man who stands out from others, you need to take care of body language. Body language is what will determine the success in everyday life.

Only ten percent of what you say comes across in the message, the rest is body language. What you say is directly connected to your body language. If you are showing confident body language, dialogue in your conversation will be confident. You will not be tripping over his words.

The first step to becoming an alpha male is to be confident. This is something you should practice all the time. Even if you are a shy person, if you act confidently you will become confident. If you exude confidence, you will be perceived as a much more interesting person.

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Alpha Male – How to be an alpha male #1 – Size

One way to show dominance is by being bigger than everyone. Bigger men seem more powerful and are rated more attractive than smaller men. You just need to learn to appear bigger in its own structure. If you’re a big guy, learn to move and stay in a big way in stature, not in fat.

Alpha Male – How to be an alpha male #2 – Shoulders and elbows

Drop your shoulders is a sign of laziness and poor posture. Poor posture makes you look weak and pathetic. Pull your shoulders back helps the lower man seem to be taller, confident and comfortable.

Elbows can be used to make the man look bigger than it really is. Place hands on your hips and place your elbows out will make the man look bigger.

Alpha Male – How to be an alpha male #3 – Strength

Studies have shown that the parts of the favorite male body of a woman are divided into three groups: legs, buttocks, and combining of the chest and arms. Surprisingly male butt is top choice with forty percent. Overall, women are looking for a form of athletic body.

Male bodies were built to hunt, find food and kill any potential threat. Women today are still attracted to a man who looks like he can provide these basic needs. You need not be huge, but you should be in shape.

If you are not in shape, you need to start doing some kind of activity. For skinny guys, start doing some type of weight training. You will see great results. If you are a man rounder, start doing some kind of running or walking. Even if only twice a week.

Alpha Male – How to be an Alpha Male #4 – Attitude

Alpha male

The attitude of the alpha male is one of the most important things. It is important in the journey of man, the look and the intonation in his voice. That’s the thing that more women are attracted.

The eyes can be used to attract the girl across the room. Eye contact is very important in the game of body language. It’s one of the things that allows you to display confidence. When you make eye contact, hold it for an extra second, it develops the sexual chemistry.

Alpha Male – How to be an alpha male #5 – Hands

Keep your hands at your sides at all times with your palms facing out. This shows a sign of openness, you are inviting a target to come talk to you.

Many men hold their drinks up to chest level, but this movement creates a barrier. Set your drink down, show the world that you are comfortable and is open and accessible.

A simple handshake determines who is dominant. By extending a hand for a handshake, you can extend your hand in three ways. You can extend the hand with the palm up, showing submission. You can extend your hand up and down, showing that you consider the other person like you, or you can show your domain, extending his hand with the palm facing down.

If the other man tries to show your domain when you press your hand, you can neutralize the situation to move forward with the left foot. This will cause it to pull the hand back to make room for you to move forward, turning his palm upright.

Doing so will make it a handshake of mutual respect.

Alpha Male – How to be an alpha male #6 – After sex

After having sex with a woman, most men want to fall asleep, but this little tip can help make you a sex god of the women’s point of view.

After intercourse, women want to talk. Hold up on her side with her head on her hand, looking at her. This will make you seem like you’re interested in what she has to say.

The alpha male is not always the biggest or the most beautiful. He is the most intelligent. The alpha male uses the tools he has in his favor. He walks around with confidence because he is confident in yourself and your abilities. More tips on

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