The Kama Sutra was written in India and its authorship is attributed to the sage Vatsyayana. It is made with several Taoist sexual techniques collected from the books found in the Chinese bedrooms.

Most people associate the Kama Sutra simply as a book with multiple positions to have sex, a mixture of pornography and stunts. In the East, however, the true meaning of Kama Sutra is more comprehensive and away from the idea of being just gymnastics.

For them, every sexual union is sacred and plays the last act of creation: the union of male and female cosmic principles, a union that is the cause of the created and manifested universe.

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Kama Sutra #1 – The Kama Sutra Philosophy

The Kama Sutra warns that it is the harmony that keeps a couple together. The main reason for marital separation, and the leading cause of infidelity, is a lack of varied pleasures. What results in boredom and monotony in sexual life of a couple.

Kama Sutra #2 – Sexual Yoga

The Kama Sutra positions excite the imagination and increase pleasure. In the following paragraphs the positions will be explained. It is necessary to pay attention to detail and postures, but you can leave ample place for spontaneity.

Kama Sutra #3 – Position: Barrow

The partners are preparing to make love on the bed. The woman puts her arms in bed while the man “lifts” her legs and put standing behind her to enter her while holding her thighs.

The stimulation and enjoyment are concentrated in the genitals of the partners, but it is the man who sets the rhythm of the act. The variety of movements (circles, up and down) allows this position be very exciting. The sensations will be intense.

Kama Sutra # 4 – Position: Hammock

To hold this position, it is advisable that the man sits on a hard surface (not a bed) with legs bent and holding the back of his knees.

A woman with her legs open, lets be penetrated when sitting in the remaining space will be between the legs and torso, with the man’s arms around her legs.

The man presses her knees to the body of his mate, pulling her for himself and causing their bodies to engage in a rhythmic motion while kissing her breasts, which are close to his face.

The pleasure of breast stimulation is pleasant to the woman and exciting for the man.
The woman, with her neck bent back in a submissive gesture, enjoys the incredible pleasure provided by your mate.

Kama Sutra #5 – Position: The trapeze

The man sits with his legs apart and his partner, on top of it, opens to a slow penetration, and delivery to the lover. The man holds the woman by the wrists. Then he leans back, relax slowly until it falls back completely.

It is important that women remain relaxed. This position combines several movements. It requires agility and a relaxed surrender by the woman, and strength and skill on the part of man. Both need balance to complement.

This position is ideal to change the routine and experience new emotions.

Kama Sutra #6 – Position: Dragonfly

To achieve this position, the partners must be positioned on the sides of a flexible and comfortable place such as a bed or a sofa. The woman lies on her side with her back to her partner, and he rides it on the back. Thus, the bodies fit each other.

This position is ideal for very loving couples who like to show the tenderness they feel for each other. With a little skill combined with a lot of emotion, the woman takes her bent leg and puts in the coccyx of man, thus opening the door for pleasure.

The man penetrates her using the leg of his mistress as an erotic lever on the support of his hip. Man is able to whisper in the ear of your partner exciting things, and hot kisses.

Kama Sutra #7 – Position: The screw

It is very advisable for a woman who have difficulty in reaching orgasm, try positions that put pressure on your clitoris while the vagina is penetrated. Orgasm always come in this position, and multiple experiences of pleasure become unforgettable for women.

She lies on the edge of the bed and put the legs bent to one side of your body (every woman will know which side is more comfortable for her). This allows it to keep the clitoris caught between the labia, which will be the best allies for her to reach orgasm.

Women can contract and relax the whole region, while the man kneeling in front of her, gently penetrates. To make this position a true delicacy, the man can caress the woman’s breasts while penetrating her.

Kama Sutra #8 – Lubricant


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