Taoists consider sexual energy as having creative and rejuvenating powers, so the penis enlargement is important to them. In practice, this energy is used to heal internal organs and glands, increase brain capacity and increase sexual stamina. In more advanced practice of the exercises, it is also used to replenish and cultivate the red marrow producing blood from the bones.

Now we will see 3 penis enlargement techniques, but before detailed instruction, preparation is necessary. For all of the genital massage techniques given here, one should include warming up, which should be done before and after each workout of your penis and testicles.

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3 Techniques to penis enlargement naturally #1 – Warming Up

Just as you should warm up your body and muscle tissue before any workout, you should also warm up your penis. This will prepare you for the workout ahead by expanding the fabric and making it more supple and fluffy.

  1. Rub your hands together until they are warm
  2. Hold the penis between the two palms and rub until warm
  3. Hold the testicles between the palms and rub them to warm as well.
  4. Or put a warm towel over them for a few minutes.

3 Techniques to penis enlargement naturally #2 – First technique

For best results, you must first understand how the penis works. The penis is made up of cells that enlarge when they fill with blood. These cells are called blood spaces. The blood spaces are inside the erectile tissue, also known as the corpus cavernosum.

When you stretch the penis, you are stretching every part of the penis, including areas that fill with blood. When these areas extend to a certain length, the penis will extend longer in both the flaccid and erect state. By naturally exercising blood to fill the spaces, or lengthening the flesh for longer, enlargement of the penis is quite possible with minimal effort.

  1. Inhale completely; Use your thumb and index finger to hold the head of the penis; Pull the penis and exhale making the “sh-h-h-h-h-h-h” sound until you are out of breath.
  2. In a standing or sitting position, make sure that the penis is in a completely flaccid state and grips the head, not so tight that it causes pain, but only to ensure a good grip.
  3. Pull the penis straight out in front of you until you feel a good stretch in the middle and at the base. Hold this tightening for a count of ten, rest and feel the energy of the sex organs. Repeat 3 more times.
  4. Hit your penis against your leg about 50 times to recover the blood where you lengthened.
  5. Do this by stretching the penis in all directions, left, right, up and down.

3 Techniques to penis enlargement naturally #3 – Second technique

This exercise stretches the central tendon tissue in your penis, making it longer, both erect and flaccid. They also promote an increase in testosterone and sperm count. The lack of blood circulation to the penis will weaken and shrink the corpora cavernosa and also decrease sensation and feeling during sexual intercourse, thus promoting impotence.

If you have weak erections, this means that you have very weak blood circulation to your penis and testicles. The milking action in these exercises forces blood into the blood spaces within the corpora cavernosa, not only enlarging the penis, but also training the body to accept more blood flow throughout the penis. Regular stretching will ensure a healthier and stronger penis after several months of strenuous exercise.

3 Techniques to penis enlargement naturally #4 – Second technique

It is recommended to use a lubricant when performing this exercise. You should always start stretching the penis slightly.

  1. Massage the penis to a partial erection to keep the blood inside it.
  2. Hold around the base of the shaft of the penis with the thumb and forefinger of a hand. With your other hand, grasp the entire path of the penis, making an “OK” sign with the index finger and thumb, and tighten it.
  3. With your thumb and forefinger, squeeze the entire path of your penis and slide them forward slowly. This forces the blood inside the penis into the cavernous bodies (erectile tissue) and the glans (head).
  4. The blood spaces inside the penis are forced to expand every time you milking forward. Milking should be repeated with alternating hands in this way at a medium to slow pace. Each milking should last 3 to 4 seconds. Red spots are perfectly normal and will usually decrease in the first week of exercise. These effects are simply caused by stretching the blood spaces in the penis.

3 Techniques to penis enlargement naturally #5 – Third technique

The third technique is to use the Enlarge XXL Trio Pack of Virectil.


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  1. Dilute 20 drops daily of Enlarge XXL Drops into your drink in the morning, which is the time of day that your body is more receptive to absorbing nutrients.
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  3. Apply a layer of gel Enlarge XXL Gel at bedtime. It will act overnight increasing the development of the penis size.

The results will be seen already in the first week, but it is recommended to continue making applications until the end of treatment. For more information visit the product website: Information about penis enlargement – VIRECTIL.

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