This exercise was developed for you suffering from erectile dysfunction. This exercise is able to strengthen and harden your erections, but will also give you excellent ejaculatory control, power, and increased sperm volume. To perform this exercise, you must have a developed PC muscle, so do the Kegel exercises.

This exercise teaches restriction and gives you the ability to choose when you want to ejaculate or not to ejaculate, it also helps you develop control and power over the ejaculatory impulses, allowing you to experience multiple orgasms. This can be quite fun and will certainly impress your partner.

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Erectile Dysfunction – Natural method for stronger erections #1 – Getting Started

Get an erection and massage the penis continuously until you get as hard as you can. Once you’ve reached that toughness, flex your PC muscle as hard as possible and massage yourself at the same time. When flexing, you should have noticed your erection if it filled with more blood in the shaft and head, and felt much harder.

That says something; The more developed your PC, the harder your erections will be. Do this again, just continue to flex and flex your PC until your erection becomes quite soft. Massage yourself to a hard erection again, hold a strong grip on the PC to make your erection harder. Hold and begin to massage to continue the hardness. Once you feel that your PC is getting weak, flexible, continue massaging. Flex your PC and hold again. Continue this until you feel you are reaching an orgasm.

Erectile Dysfunction – Natural method for stronger erections #2 – Ejaculatory Control

Once the feeling of reaching orgasm becomes strong, flex your PC as tightly as possible, breathing deeply through the mouth. Visualize your contracting semen again in you as you continually tighten your PC tighter and tighter. Perform this again, massaging yourself until you feel the desire to ejaculate is inevitable.

Once you are sure you are going to ejaculate, squeeze your PC as much as possible while breathing through the mouth deeply. Continue to squeeze and tighten your PC muscle to avoid ejaculation. Visualize your semen starting again, contracting until the desire diminishes. Continue to tighten your PC tighter until the desire to ejaculate has disappeared.

Do this exercise ejaculatory control 10 times, making sure not to ejaculate during exercise. If you ejaculate, you need to develop the muscle of your PC much more than you think.

Erectile Dysfunction – Natural method for stronger erections #3 – Keep Squeezing

Since exercise ejaculatory control has become too easy, perform this exercise as many times as necessary to completely deplete the muscle of your PC. Get an erection and flex your PC a few times while you massaging it to make sure it’s pretty hard. Once you have a firm erection, gently squeeze it around your penis shaft, just under your head.

Now, flex your PC muscle as deep as possible. When you flex your PC, you can feel your muscle throb. Keep doing this over and over again until your erection becomes soft. Reach for another erection and follow the instructions again, over and over again.

Erectile Dysfunction – Natural method for stronger erections #4 – Exercise Routine

Do these exercises until your PC muscle is completely exhausted and becomes hard even when flexing your PC. By the time you are ready, you will know that your PC has received a first-class workout because you should feel rather tired. You should perform these exercises every day, or at least 4 times a week. I think running them every day not only forms a better habit but also makes you feel more fit and powerful.

Remove all the things that stress you and that you have control over in your life. Do you really need to be working those extra hours at work? Are you sure you need to be filling your body with coffee and energy drinks?

Erectile Dysfunction – Natural method for stronger erections #5 – Natural Supplement


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