You already have enough information to increase testosterone. Eat well, sleep well, exercise and avoid alcohol, fatty foods, and stress. It’s the same advice doctors have been trying to tell us for years. Most people already know the essential words of advice even if they do not always follow them. There are no secret techniques to suddenly be super healthy and rich in testosterone.

You will have to take responsibility for the changes you need to make. You know enough now to increase your testosterone dramatically. To help you on your journey, we’ll give you some more excellent tips to help you boost testosterone naturally.

5 Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally #1 – Have Muscle Mass and Low Fat

Your body fat percentage should be low. Between 8 to 15%. The more fat you have on your bones, the less testosterone will increase for you. Fat converts testosterone to estrogen through the enzyme aromatase. But this is not the only reason why excess body fat is bad for testosterone. It also increases oxidative stress, weak metabolism, and insulin sensitivity, all of which are related to low testosterone.

Losing weight naturally increases testosterone. You still need body fat for proper thyroid function. Too little fat will spoil your testosterone and metabolism. Therefore, avoid going below 8% body fat.

5 Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally #2 – Make A Lot Of Sex

It is not fully understood how sex increases testosterone. May could be a combination of dopamine, pheromones and other neurotransmitters that interact during sexual activity. It seems that some increases in testosterone can be completely psychological.

Men who have many sexual acts have a slight increase in testosterone. Some studies indicate that actually having sex can increase testosterone by more than 70%. Men of all ages show increased testosterone when engaging in a regular sexual activity. While this is true, this may also be the other way around. Men with high testosterone also have more sex.

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5 Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally #3 – Do not Masturbate

You’ve probably seen people talking about this movement on the internet. It is the idea that abstaining from masturbation, or even from all sexual activity, can help you reach higher goals. Even famous athletes and politicians abstained from sex for long periods before major events. Perhaps the benefit of this is completely psychological.

Muhammed Ali would have avoided sex for 6 weeks before a big fight. He focused on winning. For him, being champion was more important than those irritating biological impulses that could have gotten the path of his greatness.

But does abstinence actually increase testosterone? Research indicates that short-term abstinence increases testosterone. One study even indicated that 7 days of abstinence caused an increase of more than 140% in testosterone in healthy men. However, long-term abstinence up to several months showed a significant decline in testosterone.

5 Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally #4 – Confident Body Language

Multiple studies indicate how body language affects your hormones and emotional state. Your emotions influence your body language and posture. If you are feeling closed, shy, weak and submissive, your body language will indicate what is happening inside you. As a result, very submissive body language often triggers the release of stress hormones, such as cortisol.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true. Your body language can influence your emotions and hormones. Studies have shown that confident body language can actually increase dopamine and testosterone!

In one of these studies, the men were asked to jump bungee jump. Before the jump, a group of men had to close their arms and shrink for several minutes. Testosterone levels declined and they hesitated longer to make the jump. However, the other group of men stood up straight with their arms stretched out in a victory pose. These men showed an increase in testosterone and everyone was able to make the jump immediately. They still had more fun.

By being aware of your body language, you can influence your testosterone. Stand up straight, walk and speak with confidence, maintain eye contact and avoid submissive positions. Pay attention to how secure people move and speak and imitate their actions. At first, you may be faking it. But eventually, these actions will become a second nature for you and will end up influencing your mood and testosterone positively.

5 Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally #5 – Natural Supplement


In addition to the correct breathing, to reach the goal more quickly, the best alternative is to make use of natural supplements. But amidst so many suspicious advertisements and websites, how do you know which supplement will really help? The best thing to do is choose a site that is safe and most importantly, the ingredients are natural.

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