Problems of excitement and lack of female lubrication can disrupt much the sexual life. The exercises in this article ask you to pay attention to both your physical, psychological, or subjective levels of arousal. Some women worry that they do not lubricate properly or frequently. However, lubrication is not always a reliable signal of a woman’s psychological or emotional arousal.

Try the following three exercises. If you find it difficult to lubricate even after doing them, be sure to always use an artificial lubricant during self-stimulation and stimulation of your partner. Proper lubrication is important for your comfort and pleasure during any sensual activity.

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How to increase female lubrication naturally #1 – Physical Excitement

There are two physical signs that a woman is aroused: lubrication and increased blood flow to the genitals. The following three exercises will increase lubrication. A woman’s body has three sources of genital lubrication: point A, Bartholin’s glands, and point G. Each of these exercises targets one of these areas. Once you have done all the exercises separately, you could do a single exercise in which you combine the stimulation of all three areas.

How to increase female lubrication naturally #2 – A-Point Stimulation

The erogenous zone of the anterior fornix, or point A, is the entire frontal wall of the vagina between the G-spot and the cervix. It seems to be the area that is responsible for most of a woman’s vaginal lubrication. To stimulate point A, sit with your back against a wall or headboard with your knees bent and your legs slightly open.

When you are ready to stimulate your A-point, insert the middle finger directly into the vagina. Hold your finger straight and gently rub the front wall of your vagina between the G-spot and the cervix. Use long, repeated strokes of your finger along the entire length of the front wall of your vagina. Gently scrubbing this area for ten to fifteen minutes may cause you to lubricate.

How to increase female lubrication naturally #3 – Stimulation of Bartholin’s Glands

Bartholin’s glands secrete one or two very slippery drops of lubrication when a woman is aroused. You can stimulate them during a genital caress. They are located under the skin of your inner labia, midway between the top and bottom of the vagina. In other words, if you were looking at your vagina at the same angle from which your gynecologist sees you during your pelvic exam, the glands would be located in the middle of the middle.

Pamper yourself as you normally would, concentrating on your sensations and remembering to breathe and relax. At some point during the caress, pick up the index finger and gently press your inner labia midway between the top and bottom of the vagina. You do not need to scrub too much to stimulate the glands; Just pressing lightly or touching is enough. You will not see the lubrication because it is excreted inside the opening of the vagina.

How to increase female lubrication naturally #4 – G Spot Stimulation

Recall that the G-spot is a very sensitive area located on the front wall of the vagina behind the pubic bone. It’s a bit difficult to stimulate yourself by hand, but some women can do it. Here’s how: Give yourself a genital caress. Caress all parts of your vulva – your clitoris, inner and outer lips and vaginal opening.

Use a position in which you are sitting on your back against a headboard or wall. Bend your knees and stretch your legs slightly. Tilt all the fingers of your right hand except the middle finger. Put your middle finger as if you were making a “come here” sign.

Bend your wrist and insert the middle finger into the vagina with the palm of your hand up. Curve your middle finger back into the front wall of your vagina and hook it behind your pubic bone, as if you were trying to touch your clitoris inside.

This is your G spot. If you are lucky, you will also feel the area begin to lubricate. If you have trouble touching your G spot with your own hand because your arm is not long enough, use a vibrator to reach it (curves are only available for this purpose) or show your partner how to stimulate it.

How to increase female lubrication naturally #5 – Best Lubricant For You

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