Going on a date with the person you like is essential in the initial stage where the construction of the sexual chemistry is a key. You need to choose a place where you can talk, but at the same time, flirt and have fun.

Often people prefer a dinner and a movie. This may not be the best choice. Yes, it’s something normal, it is safe and easy, but come on, be creative. When you approach a woman, you need to be original. You need to stand out. You need to be different from ten other guys who tried to take her on a date.

So why should you take her on a first date that she has been several times before. There is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, if you’ve spent the initial phase of construction of sexual chemistry.

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Date – Romantic places to go #1 – Cooking classes

It may seem to be something too intimate, but is perfect for the first meeting. What we are thinking is something like the movie Hitch (2005). Follow this tip is a good idea because you will be able to be loose and have a good time together.

This is a place where there are no restrictions on the conversation. You do not have to worry about getting entertaining her all the time or planning something. The evening activities are already planned for you. All you have to do is provide a good seductive conversation. You get to eat, and most importantly, you get to feed her.

Date – Romantic places to go #2 – Fair or Carnival

If you live in a small town, that is great. It may seem silly, but if she grew up in a place that has these things, so she grew up going in these places and she like to go with you. This is another option, this is a place where you can let loose and have fun. There are many different things you can do, you can go on rides, play games and take photos together. It will be a great time for both of you.

Date – Romantic places to go #3 – The museum

If you know that one of his interests is art or literature, take her to a museum. You can spend hours in a place like this. She’ll love it. You may not know anything about art, and do not pretend that you know, but this is something positive.

This will allow her to talk about it for hours, teaching and saying things you never cared to learn. The main thing is that she will have fun. Also, it does not cost much and you have enough time to build chemistry.

Date – Romantic places to go #4 – The zoo

The zoo is amazing. You begin to act like children. Again, there are no restrictions. Surely the last ten guys she dated, did not take her to the zoo. You can spend a good time together, beyond the entertainments that are available in these places.

Date – Romantic places to go #5 – Park or beach


You will need to do a little planning for this places, but it has potential to be a meeting very cheap and fun. If you go to the park, take it one hour before sunset. Take something like a soccer ball.

You can have a great time just walking and talking, but if you need an activity, you have to have a ball to shoot around. Bring a picnic dinner at sunset.

Go to the beach is the same idea to go to the park. Walk, talk, play ball around. When it starts to get dark, make a campfire. Take marshmallows or something else. After eating, go near it, look at the stars, ocean, lake, whatever place you are, and eventually you will have a chance to have some physical contact, such as kissing.

Date – Romantic places to go #6 – Upcoming meetings

Two or three dates after the first meeting, you must know her very well, and if you still did not break the touch barrier, either with hands, a hug or a kiss, now is when you start thinking about it. These meetings will give you these opportunities to get close, and make the contact you need.

Date – Romantic places to go #7 – Pizza and Mini Golf

This is a good choice for any meeting, including the first meeting. It has the same concept as the rest. You will have a fun activity for you. When she’s having fun, you are building chemistry.

Also, when you do activities like this, you look a little vulnerable, almost like you’re letting down your guard. She will take notice of this and she will also lower the guard. See more important tips on www.virectil.eu.

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