If you have never heard of NLP, you may be wondering what it is. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. What has to do with our subject?

You probably know someone who you would describe as “good with people.” Someone who everyone likes. We all know someone like this. On the other hand, we all know someone on the other end, a person who nobody likes. Someone you just do not like and do not know why.

The difference between the two is that they have different skill sets when it comes to communication. So we will see a very small part of NLP, and apply it to interact with women. More importantly, we will use it to build sexual chemistry on a subconscious level. Sexual chemistry is the creation of a resemblance between two people.

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NLP #1 – Information processing

The first thing you need to understand is that people process the world in different ways. The way they perceive and interpret each stimulus is different. The information take three main forms: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

It is important to note that people process information predominantly in one of these ways, but everyone uses all three ways of processing information.

Think of it in terms of speaking a different language. You are in a group of three people. One speaks Spanish, one German and one French. You can speak all three languages fluently. However, you would not speak Spanish to German, and you would not speak French to Spanish girl. You could talk to each of them in their own language.

The same concept is used in NLP. To connect to someone quickly and build sexual chemistry, you need to find out how each person processes information and communicate with them in their dominant language processing.

NLP #2 – Visual processors, Auditory and Kinesthetic

Most people are visual processors. They process and make the world make sense especially with the eyes. You can recognize a visual communicator by the specific words he uses to describe things.

It is easy to recognize a visual person, because all she says is: look at this, see what you saw…

Hearing people, process the world through sounds. They express their thoughts with specific sound words. For example, they say, that sounds fun, listening to the ocean, her voice is like a bird singing… A hearing person hears the world. The vision is secondary to an audio processor.

People kinesthetic, process the world through touch and feeling. They are more sensitive than other types. The Kinesthetic people use words like: you can feel it, the energy in the room, the sun, the water is cold. They rationalize the world based on feeling.

NLP #3 – The importance of all this

It is not important that we understand the real differences between these types of people. The important thing is to realize that people speak different languages processing. It is also important that you be able to identify it. Descriptive words used in everyday conversation will reveal the main person processing language. It sounds easy right? That is the question. Is easy.

Returning to the example of the three women, each speaking a different language. You would not try to have a normal conversation with them in another language. So why, in the construction of sexual chemistry, you want to speak in a visual processing language, a girl who processes information of hearing that? You would not do that.

NLP #4 – How to practice


At the beginning of the conversation, you should be hearing what the descriptive words she uses, so you will be able to determine what type of processor it is. It is important to communicate with her using that language.

If she is talking visually descriptive words, then you should speak using visual words too. This is the basic concept for an instant connection between you, ultimately, building sexual chemistry.

These concepts are not complicated, you just need to practice. The more you practice it, the better you will communicate and soon, you will do this automatically. This is a skill that will help you in all facets of life, not only in communicating with women.

NLP #5 – Understand more simply

If you are still having trouble understanding why this will work, stop worrying about it. No matter why it works. Instead, just accept it as a truth. You are connecting with this person on a subconscious level.

At this point, some of you may be a little skeptical. Perhaps the concept is a bit confusing, or does not make sense that this will work, or maybe it’s just too easy. That is the question. That’s easy. It is a skill that many of us have.

For people who still find it hard to believe, let’s try a totally different approach. Have you ever been, or heard a psychologist or counselor to talk to someone? If not, think of a TV show or a movie in this scenario. They always say, “So what you’re telling me is that” and then they repeat what you just said.

Or they say. “Let me see if I understand,” and repeat what you said. They are trained to say that. They went to school for five years to learn to speak with someone in a way that would allow the person to open up to them. This is the same concept that we present to you. See more tips in www.virectil.eu.

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