Besides giving pleasure, masturbation is fine for vitality. Unfortunately, many people are embarrassed just hearing the word, as this subject is still taboo for many. But it should not be.

Recent studies show that more than half of men and over half of women in the United States engage in masturbation. Some say that masturbation can cause bad things in health, but these are all myths that science has proven that does not happen, you can read more about the myths surrounding masturbation here.

The practice of masturbation is important to raise awareness of the body and can make even more satisfying sex life of the person. These and other benefits is what we will see in this article.

Benefits of masturbating

Prevents cancer

Study done in Australia found that men who ejaculate more than five times a week are less likely to develop prostate cancer. This is because the cancer-causing they are in the urinary tract, and when there is ejaculation they are thrown out.

In addition to preventing prostate cancer, to ejaculate, the man also gets rid of many other toxins, helping the body to keep clean.

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Strengthens immunity and prevents the emergence of infections

Masturbation causes the human body produces more antibodies and let their bodies more resistant to diseases. It also increases the cortisol levels. Then masturbation helps maintain and control the immune system, producing an ideal environment for good health.

The orgasm helps in muscle stretching of the cervix, it is able to drop and throw away the cervical mucus containing bacteria that cause vaginal infections.

Improves mood and relieves stress

When someone masturbates, the body releases the hormones of pleasure. The dopamine and oxytocin are neurochemicals that increase the sense of joy and activate areas that affect mood in the brain. Currently orgasm is the largest natural burst of existing dopamine.

Also masturbation creates a peaceful environment where the woman or man can be alone and forget about the problems, helping even in combating insomnia and improving the psychological health

Reduces cramps

Orgasm is able to release a hormone called prolactin, which helps women to have a night of great rest, providing a pleasant sleep. The endorphin and dopamine which are also hormones released during orgasm help to reduce menstrual cramps.

Helps prevent premature ejaculation

Since masturbation helps raise awareness through your body, you will be able to realize how much time needs to reach orgasm, and thus can strive to increase the time if necessary. This will give more power to ejaculate when you are in someone else’s company.

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Strengthens the pelvic region

Through the contractions that occur during orgasm, the masturbation helps strengthen the pelvic region. Avoiding the appearance of urinary incontinence, and providing better sexual performance when you have sex.

Techniques for female masturbation

Even today, is still considered prejudice talk about masturbation, particularly in women. Not even a group of friends see it as something natural. This should not happen because it is a moment of intimacy with yourself.

Masturbation benefits

Take your time

Try playing the thigh, breasts, and the butt before getting into the vagina, it will help you feel sexier. If not feel free to do this in your body you can start doing this while showeringg, try to start playing.

Slide your hands over your body and after drying can get to know her more intimately body, take the time to assimilate every detail of your body, and every feeling that your own touch generates.

Top positions

It’s always good to innovate in the positions and challenge to try new things. Can be lying on her back, side, sitting or standing, are good positions so you do not want to risk or are learning this new practice. With time you become more self-assured, you can discover new positions that excite you.


To stimulate the clitoris women can achieve orgasm. Since it is a very sensitive region, the pleasure will be very large. Putting lubricant on the vulva will ensure a greater pleasure, and improved hand slip, avoiding hurt skin contact with skin.

Upon arriving in the vagina, discover the whole area and explore the most exciting places. It is important to use the minimum fingers and thumb to open the lip while the other fingers glide.

As the clitoris is very sensitive, stimulation should be done gently, without excessive force, as this could hurt the vagina. Use the whole body, use your hips, legs. For some women it is important that the situation be realistic, so if necessary, stand as if on top of someone.

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