Does penis size really matters?

Penis size is a very debatable topic, since the ideal penis size may be different for some than for others, as tastes are not discussed, nor sizes. The same is true for women in relation to breasts, some like them small and more harmonious others prefer them larger, depending on the personal taste.

Penis size is also a controversial issue because it is a taboo but also very common theme, meaning many men are uncomfortable in talking about this but all without exception think about it several times throughout the year, whether in the gym, during sexual activity, during masturbation, a conversation between friends or in a public bathroom… And the desire for a larger penis appears to be similar in most cases.

But is there really cause for so much concern about penis size, or it is just an unfounded judgment as to what is the normal penis size!

What factors determine the normal penis size?

The normal penis size, ranges depending on several factors, including race, nationality and genetics.

The penis size of 90% of men worldwide is between 12 cm and 18 cm in erection length, all men under 12 cm size are considered below average and over 18 cm are considered above average.

  • Normal penis size in Korea – 9.5 cm
  • Normal penis size in China – 10 cm
  • Normal penis size in India – 10.5 cm
  • Normal penis size in Spain – 13.5 cm
  • Normal Penis Size in the USA – 13.5 cm
  • Normal penis size in France – 13,5 cm
  • Normal penis size in the UK – 13.5 cm
  • Normal penis size in Germany – 14 cm
  • Normal penis size in Brazil – 14 cm
  • Normal penis size in Mexico – 14.5 cm
  • Normal penis size in Congo – 18 cm

“Are you a grower or a shower”?


But is penis size the most important? We often hear an expressionan expression “Are you a grower or a shower?” Which means something like you have a small and worker penis, or a large and lazy penis? So size is not as important as the performance.

While normally, the shower has a long penis in the flaccid state which can vary between 8 cm and 11 cm, the grower has a smaller flaccid penis with only 3 to 6 cm. However in the moment of truth, the shower while gaining an erection increases something like 3 to 4 cm,  the grower can get to quadruple the penis size.

According to some scientists it is impossible to predict the size of the erect penis, just by evaluating the penis size in its flaccid state. That is why penis measurement is only taken into account when erect.

But if we know that it is possible for women to increase breast size according to their taste, is that also truth of men?

The most appropriate answer is yes and no!

There are some methods that allow men to increase penis size, among them are:

  • Surgeries
  • Medicines
  • Supplements
  • Extension Devices
  • Penis Pumps
  • Creams / Gels
  • Exercises

In theory, there are more methods to increase penis size than actually to enhance breasts. And the reality is that a large percentage of men worldwide have used any type of method to enlarge pénis size, some successfully and others less so.

What happens is that surgery for penis enlargement involves some increased risks, and is not as perfected as silicone breast implants, and sometimes does not go as expected.

And in the case of other methods, which are the most advised there are two determining factors in achieving results, product quality and consistency in the application.

The products must be good, must have certificates, scientific support and testimonial evidence. And consistency means that man must follow the treatment without missing some days during treatment.

Men often complain that they didn’t have results however, they didn’t follow the treatment as recommended. It’s a bit like going to the gym, if the person is only half a dozen times a month, the results come slowly and barely visible to the detriment of the person who will regularly get to see the end results a few weeks.

After several years of research and testing Virectil has developed a gel formula named Enlarge the XXL Gel that is proven to successfully increase penis size.

Virectil has thousands of satisfied users who achieved results, Enlarge the XXL Gel is certified, supported and recommended by doctors all over the world.

If your goal is to increase penis size, either by necessity or self-esteem Enlarge XXL Gel is the best alternative.

You just need to apply a layer over the penis daily massaging slowly until i tis fully absorbed, and within a few weeks the results will begin to appear.

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