Many men and even women are unaware of the power that foreplay has. By discovering the wonders that foreplay has, you may be unraveling the missing piece to make your sex life much more enjoyable.

Foreplay and its power to eliminate low libido #1 – Preparation for sex

As one woman said, “If my partner wants to prepare me for sex, the best way to do it is with a long, slow, passionate kiss!” Here are some tips to make foreplay more fun and enjoyable: Both partners should use their hands, fingertips, lips, and tongue in every way they can imagine. Vary the pressure, speed, and strokes of your touch to add to the sense of unpredictability.

Foreplay and its power to eliminate low libido #2 – How To

Instead of starting at the lips and moving in a linear fashion, why not alternate it? For example, if men usually start on their lips and then move to the neck, thorax, belly, and camp in the lower regions, they need to mix things up: start at the lips, then move to the neck, then the chest, then to the ears. Then back to the lips and then to the belly.

Remember, if your partner can predict what your next move is, the movement loses some of its effectiveness. Here’s another suggestion: If you always start kissing on the lips, let’s change that. Next time, start kissing the fingers and hands of your partners. Or start at the feet and go up. Keep it light, fun and unpredictable.

Foreplay and its power to eliminate low libido #3 – Temperatures and flavors

Try different textures and temperatures. Use lotions, oils, silk scarves, feathers, ice cubes and so on, on each other’s bodies. The key word here is variety. Sex will never be boring, as long as you’re willing to be creative and open to new sensations.

Feed each other with dessert. Try ice cream, water-rich fruits (strawberries, oranges, melon, etc.), whipped cream, etc. Or, instead of eating, try eating or licking each other’s food. Use honey or Nutella to paint the body of your lover. So use your tongue to clean.

Giving each other a sensual massage can also be a very enjoyable part of foreplay. The possibilities are endless. All you need is an open mind and a sense of adventure and fun! For more ideas, read our other articles on the subject.

Foreplay and its power to eliminate low libido #4 – Tip For Men

Tip for men: While 15 minutes is usually enough to make a woman ready for sex, do not let that limit you. Make sure you can enjoy the foreplay for much longer if you decide. Also, not all women need 15 minutes. Some need 30, others only 5. Find out what the magic number is.

Extended prelims. Although foreplay before sex is always useful for a more enjoyable overall experience, it is not the only way to do it. Preliminaries do not have to start before sex. It can start hours and sometimes even days before the main event. You can start even when you are miles away from each other.

Men should know that the best way to wake a woman is to touch her … in the mind. Plan a full day just for the two of you and plan to have sex later in the day. Do your favorite things together: a picnic, hiking, shopping, enjoying a favorite sport or hobby, etc. Touch and kiss each other a lot. Provoke, seduce, whisper in the ear, talk dirty and more.

Foreplay and its power to eliminate low libido #5 – Increase women’s libido


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