When it comes to sexual excitement and foreplay, there is a frequently used generalization: men are digital and women are analogous. Let me explain … Men are excited or NOT. When a man is sexually aroused, he has an erection that lasts until the sexual stimulus is removed or when he reaches an orgasm. When this happens, he loses the ability to have sex for a variable amount of time.

On the contrary, women have varying degrees of sexual arousal. You may have heard of the term “multiorgasmic”. Women are capable of multiple orgasms. BUT they need to be stimulated to achieve a sexual peak that matches orgasm. Once she receives one, she can be stimulated to achieve successive climaxes.

Foreplay – 5 Things Men Need to Know #1 – Female Sexual Excitement

Three things happen during female sexual arousal:
1. The vagina produces a natural lubricant
2. The vagina increases to allow penetration
3. Your clitoris fills with blood and becomes more sensitive

Foreplay – 5 Things Men Need to Know #2 – What are Preliminaries

Preliminaries are strategies to increase the level of sexual arousal that will cause these physiological changes, allowing you to have sex – and enjoy it. While their male anatomy is the only point of excitement, women have many sensitive areas throughout the body.

So take your time to explore your entire body by touching and caressing your sensitive areas – and I’M NOT referring only to your breasts and genitals! Just be sure that you perform the foreplay that involves your genitals and not your penis if you want to increase your time in bed.

Your reaction to your sensual probing will give you a good idea where the “hot buttons” are. As she approaches an orgasm with her purposeful exploration, you will not only learn about her secret areas and hot spots but will also extend her own resistance to the final battle. Preliminaries do not make you last longer during sexual intercourse, but it certainly helps reduce the time it takes for your woman to orgasm.

Foreplay – 5 Things Men Need to Know #3 – Your Neck

Once you have paid attention to your earlobes, go up to her neck. You want to focus on the jawline and the sensitive point just above your collarbones. If you apply pressure to the throat, she may feel that she is being choked.

Kiss along the jaw. This will relax you and allow your mind to focus on what you are doing. Move your shoulders gently and then kiss or lick on the cavities just above the collar bones and the sternal notch – the dip in the throat just above the breastbone. Your whole body will become aroused by sensation.

Foreplay – 5 Things Men Need to Know #4 – Your Lower Back

The lower back of a woman who meets the buttocks is filled with thousands of sensitive nerve endings. If you touch or caress it lightly in this area, you must find one of its sensitive points.

If executed correctly, it can have erotically tickle in that place. But before venturing into that, make sure she is totally relaxed and comfortable. Otherwise, instead of revealing the delusional lust in her, you can make her nervous. She may feel uncomfortable and squirm with every touch. But if she is relaxed and accustomed to you, these little sensations will give her an erotic thrill.

Run your fingers behind your back without too much exaggeration. Otherwise, you may have a weird girl in your hands, and you will have to start the excitement process again.

Foreplay – 5 Things Men Need to Know #5 – How to Increase Female Sexual Desire


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