Remember that only rare diseases can prevent you from being sexual, controlling your physical body or have better sex. The challenge is to adapt to the disease (if any), side effects of the medication and the sexual changes that occur over time. Yet pleasure and sex can continue to be a positive part of your life and relationship.

Here we show you an exercise that will help you have a better sex and a healthier life. This exercise requires you to make a careful assessment of your sleep, exercise, eating patterns and honestly determine if each component contributes positively to your physical well-being and ease. Otherwise, the second phase of this exercise is to establish a realistic change plan.

Exercise to maintain a healthy body and have better sex #1 – Exercise

Keep a record of daily health behavior for 2 weeks to observe patterns in your health behaviors. Keep the diary under four points:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Drinks (including use of legal and illegal drugs).

It is crucial that you be honest with yourself. Set a time each day, perhaps bedtime – to record their health behavior during the day. Or, keep this data on your phone and make real-time entries.

Exercise to maintain a healthy body and have better sex #2 – How to do the registration

Sleep: Record at what time you went to bed and at what time you woke up if you slept soundly or were disturbed during sleep. Report if you experienced worrying thoughts or nightmares, and how you rested and calmed down in the morning.

Exercise: Record the type of exercise you are involved in, for how long, and how you feel physically and psychologically after exercising.

Feeding: Record both the frequency and amount of eating patterns, whether it is planned or impulsive; healthy food versus junk; and if you like the experience comment on whether you feel negative or embarrassed about it. This record is probably the hardest to record, because our food nature is more frequent behavior.

Alcohol and medications: Take note of your alcohol and drug use. Be aware of the
context: Do you drink alone or socially? What are the internal or external factors that contribute to overeating? Is your consumption out of control? How do you feel right now and after drinking?

Exercise to maintain a healthy body and have better sex #3 – Review the data

Review your data with your partner or a trusted friend. What does this reveal about your physical well-being? Of the four areas, which is healthier for you? Which is the most problematic?

If the four areas improve your physical body and your ability in bed, congratulations. What do you need to do in the next few years to maintain this level of physical well-being? All this is valuable in contributing to a healthy sex body.

Exercise to maintain a healthy body and have better sex #4 – How to make the necessary changes?

If there are one or more problem areas, how can you institute a change plan? We strongly suggest starting the change with a general physical examination with your doctor. A crucial sexual health strategy is to develop a comfortable doctor-patient relationship with a trusted physician.

It’s easier to talk frankly, especially about sex, if your doctor is not a stranger. Show your doctor your sleep, exercise, food and drink record. The doctor will probably do blood tests and other diagnostic procedures and be able to provide you with a goal while evaluating your physical health along with suggestions on health behaviors.

Exercise to maintain a healthy body and have better sex #5 – How to improve sexual performance


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