How to kiss is a concern of many young people, but it can also be a concern of those who have more experience and is one of the most useful preliminaries that couples can use. So in this article, we’ll talk about the importance of kissing and how to improve it.

How to Kiss and Make a Person Fall in Love #1 – The Kiss

For many guys, a kiss is one way for them to have sex. And for that reason, they usually do not spend much time on it. For many women, a kiss can be everything! For some, it is also the best form of foreplay. And since foreplay is often a good idea, spending time kissing well is very important.

Forget what you saw in the movies and go slow. While a kiss full of passion, furniture being shattered is great on occasion, try the slow-motion version for beginners. You have a much better chance of achieving mutual satisfaction. Use this as a guide: spend at least 5 minutes before any clothing is removed.

How to kiss and make a person fall in love #2 – How to make the kiss better

Here are some tips on how to make a much better kiss:

  • A kiss has to start slowly and very soft. Do not immediately insert your tongue into the kiss.
  • Start by letting each other’s lips touch … very softly and gently, almost to a point where you can not really tell whether you started kissing or not … almost hovering. Very slowly, increase the intensity, using light strokes and soft bites.
  • Another great way to start is to circle the outside of the other person’s lips with your tongue or your fingertip. And then start the real kiss.
  • When their tongues finally touch, still do it smoothly and erotically.
  • Let your tongue play with the other person’s tongue.
  • Men can gently suck and pull the woman’s lower lip while they kiss.

How to kiss and make a person fall in love #3 – Enjoy the moment

  • Enjoy the kiss. be in the moment and do not worry about what comes next.
  • Give each other a chance to kiss back too. And enjoy it as it is.
  • Take turns while the other gets. Then let the other person lead as you receive.
  • A good tip for men is to hold your face with your palms lightly when you kiss it for the first time. Women love this. It’s hot, romantic and sexy at the same time.
  • Men may also occasionally lift their waist during the kiss. This makes her feel slim and sexy and very feminine.
  • Use your fingertips to slowly trace the face and neck of each other. Many find it very romantic, erotic and sensual.
  • Spend at least 30 seconds kissing the lips before going to the ears or neck. And then, do not forget to go back to your lips again. Be a bit unpredictable.
  • This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked or ignored. Men should kiss a lot more during intercourse, not just before and after. And definitely kiss her just as she’s about to have an orgasm. It will take your breath away.

How to kiss and make a person fall in love #4 – Go beyond

Whisper in your ear while you are in public, at a party, or at any other event or gathering. Tell her you can not stop thinking about seeing her tonight. The key here is to drive each other crazy through your words and touches. When you get to sex, it will be even more incredible. Women can also use these ideas in men.

How to Kiss and Make a Person Fall in Love #5 – Increase Women’s Sexual Desire


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