We all know that testosterone is the hormone that makes men, men. In the womb, we all started out as women. The production of testosterone in fetuses destined to become males alters the growing body to produce male reproductive organs and features of the body rather than the characteristics of females.

Testosterone – what it is, how it acts and how it increases #1 – What it is

The testicles produce most of the testosterone. The adrenal glands produce a little, but more importantly, produce androgens, building blocks of other hormones, including those needed for testosterone. Interestingly, your balls drink cholesterol to make testosterone. Unfortunately, the presence of more cholesterol in the blood does not increase the amount of testosterone produced by men.

Adrenal health is essential for male health and performance for other reasons. The adrenal glands are just one of a trio of endocrine glands that regulate most of what goes on in your body. The hypothalamus and pituitary are the others. The health – or lack thereof – of the adrenal glands affects these other glands.

Testosterone – what it is, how it acts and how it increases #2 – How it acts

The hypothalamus produces a hormone that stimulates the pituitary to produce other hormones that cause the testicles to start converting cholesterol into testosterone. When testosterone is produced, it is usually linked to a carrier molecule produced by the liver, which prevents it from doing anything.

Your body needs loose testosterone to circulate in the blood and make everything work. So the amount of carrier molecule available regulates the amount of testosterone you have wandering doing testosterone stuff.

Testosterone – what it is, how it acts and how it increases #3 – It’s all connected

Everything is connected! Excessive adrenal load due to distress, coupled with overworking of the liver due to poor eating habits, affects your body’s ability to produce the most important chemical activator of your sexual desire and erection production mechanism.

Erectile dysfunction, as a stressor in itself, creates more ED biochemically. Simply, stress, whether because of money, children, or your job will end up with your penis. Add to that the utterly irrelevant absurdity in the news, and the indignation at the color that the neighbor painted his house … the perception of all this bathe our minds and bodies in the biochemical equivalent of stress.

No wonder there are many men who suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction.
Just to back off for a moment – there’s good stress. But we are talking about stress where things bother us and we feel we have no control at all.

Testosterone – what it is, how it acts and how to increase #4 – How to improve testosterone production

Fortunately, this can be reversed. Exercise is key. It is the best mechanism to burn the worry and stress that attacks your ability to produce testosterone. Carrying your lungs and heart for a healthy walk just a few times a week can help bring your friend back from the dead. Physical exertion, such as when playing sports or having sex, actually increases the production of testosterone.

More: Estrogen suppresses testosterone production. The male body also produces a little estrogen, although not much. The hormones used in meat and poultry include estrogen. This estrogen is still present in the flesh when you eat it.

Unfortunately, alcohol also lowers testosterone levels. Specifically, beer contains plant versions of estrogens that are pharmacologically active in humans and may reduce the production of testosterone in men.

Testosterone – what it is, how it acts and how to increase #5 – How to increase testosterone


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